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Hypnotherapy Training Course for Professional People Helpers

Elaine Kissel will teach you everything you need to know about hypnosis and how to use it in your own practice so you can maintain your individual and unique approach from previous training while enhancing it with the employment of hypnosis.

Elaine Kissel’s courses are for those who wish to have the kind of training that far exceeds the standards of training currently offered elsewhere. You will learn the same hypnotherapy techniques and processes that have given her clients phenomenal results over more than 30 years of practice. You will learn the same techniques and unique approach to hypnotherapy that has helped Elaine Kissel become the name most widely associated with hypnosis.

This course is an opportunity for people trained in the mind and/or body sciences who sense that adding hypnosis to their repertoire will not only enhance their work and their lives but also attract more clientele. To be trained by Elaine Kissel will assure the best possible preparation and certification.

Dr. Kissel has created processes through which you will develop the necessary understanding and tools for the employment of hypnosis in your own work. While developing the expertise you need to be competent in the use of hypnosis to compliment your own practice you will discover inner resources available to you and your clients that will facilitate the most rewarding outcomes and better income.

These comprehensive training courses for professional people helpers will help them succeed more easily in every professional and personal endeavor. When you have completed this course/s you will be qualified and certified by Elaine Kissel Ph.D. as having had the required training to employ hypnosis safely and expertly. If you are a physician, a social worker, psychotherapist, counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, a hypnotherapist, if a dentist, a naturopath or practicing in any medical specialty or if you do any work that helps people overcome problems or heal physically, mentally or emotionally, these courses are for you.

When you can offer your clients the benefit of hypnosis adjunctive to your approach, you will attract clients as never before. You will soon be able to earn the reputation, not only as one who has been trained by Elaine Kissel (a credential that will automatically gain the trust of current and potential clients), also as one who gets results where others have failed and gets them more easily, naturally and expediently. This is the reputation Elaine Kissel has earned among her peers and the public.

With more than 30 years of effective clinical practice behind her, and whose name is synonymous with hypnosis and of being the best, Dr. Kissel has set the standard that has earned her the title of best known, most referred hypnotherapist in the country. She is known internationally as an innovator whose scientific approach combined with extraordinary intuitive abilities have led the way toward a better understanding and employment of hypnosis. Her research and studies, along with her integrity and dedication to her work has been instrumental in helping hypnosis to be recognized as a viable modality of therapy. Elaine Kissel has created profoundly effective methodologies that give her clients the best opportunity to achieve their therapeutic goals, overcome problems and live longer healthier happier lives. Now she will share her techniques and many of her secrets of success with you and teach you how to use what you learn to your best advantage. And you will discover more fulfillment and peace of mind for your self in the process.

Elaine will guide you to employ hypnosis in the modality in which you have been trained and in which you practice, and help you to develop a style that fits your approach and personality. This is not the standardized one size fits all hypnosis training course.

No other modality can provide so many advantages for the therapist and client as hypnosis. When used with the skill and the élan you will develop with Elaine’s training, you will set yourself apart from the crowd and have a more fulfilling career.

Elaine Kissel Is A World Renown Hypnotherapist The Creator Of:

Whole Mind Hypnotherapy©
The Mind Mastery Program©
The Weight Control Seminar©
Author of The Mind Is Willing

Has now created a powerful and rewarding hypnosis certification courses for professional people helpers. What follows is a brief outline of the course for certification NATURE OF HYPNOSIS and its effective APPLICATIONS IN TRADITIONAL THERAPIES


A historical overview: the relevance of history; past and current hypnosis theories and practices, and today’s perspectives.

Subjects Covered

Altered states and the fundamental attributes that make them ideal for the therapeutic setting. What hypnosis is and what it isn’t. The myths and the theories: The facts. Hypnotizability: to test or not to test, that is the question. The importance of overcoming the assumptions common in society and in standard training courses. The relevance of “levels” of hypnosis: Depth and its importance in the therapeutic processes.

Theory and practice: the difference. The subject and the methods: matching them. Before the induction: how to prepare your client. Induction techniques: Exploring the possibilities. How to ascertain the client’s willingness and readiness for change: How to help your client get there. Getting to underlying issues; how causes and responses can be examined and employed to resolve issues and heal the client. Recognizing the best clues, and tracking them down with hypnosis. How to determine your client’s readiness to receive suggestions. How to formulate effective and appropriate suggestions.

How to use an abreaction for your client’s benefit. How to close a session with the right approach. The reason for the importance of teaching your client’s self-hypnosis. Regression, hypnoanalysis, forensic hypnosis and other uses for hypnosis explained. Hypno- methodology and your therapeutic approach. When to and when not to use hypnosis. Common errors in timing and how to avoid them. Creating induction techniques.

Elaine will give you an experience of altered consciousness that will help you understand from a personal subjective perspective the value and potential of hypnosis for yourself and your clients. Includes a self-hypnosis training session.

Working With The Subconscious: How To Get It To Work For You And Your Clients

Getting to know the subconscious: its nature, perspective, and perceptions; facts directly from the source. Learning the language of the subconscious. The role of consciousness in and out of hypnosis.How the subconscious works and how to work with it.

How the subconscious and subconscious interact and the importance of understanding this dynamic. How to get the conscious and subconscious to work together for the client’s benefit. How to teach your client to support the therapeutic process. The value of an a-theoretical approach when using hypnosis. How to get insight and understanding via direct communication with the subconscious mind. How to get help from the subconscious to resolve issues. Psychological and psychiatric language, their role in hypnotherapy. The relevance of the client’s language systems, the vernacular and body language. Establishing rapport. How NOT to reinforce the negative. Even the most skilled and experienced therapists make serious errors that actually keep clients stuck; NOT after this lesson! You will learn how to give support and be empathetic, too. How to recognize the clues your client gives you and how to use them to get the most benefits from each session. Pacing, embedding and other important skills, how best to develop them.

Intensive Day Long Workshop

An intensive day-long workshop during which we will create therapeutic “stages” on which Elaine will guide you in using hypnosis directly and indirectly. This is an opportunity to employ what you have learned under expert supervision. Time will always be allowed for questions and answers and open discussion. Included are necessary course materials and handouts, reading and study lists etc.

There will be written and other tests prior to certification. No time is wasted. You get only what can apply in your practice in this intensive 6-week course is for professionals only eight dynamic hours each day. Three weekends in a row. You will be in a comfortable private learning environment that is ideal in every way.