What are her clients saying about Dr. Kissel? Read some of their comments:

“Knowing you, Dr. Elaine, and reading your books has put me in a very good place mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
 When I need help, I go back to your books especially the Mind Is Willing: Mind Mastery. YOU have made a big impact on my life!”
– Cecilia J.

*Dr. Kissel, I am sorry for resisting the media conferencing opt. I didn’t think it could work as well as being in your place for my therapy. After trying other ways and means and them not working I decided to work with you. Not admitting I was wrong and resisting change was some of the issues you helped me resolve. I had a lot of issues that troubled me and my relationships at work and family. I know you know how much I have changed for the better, for one thing, I’m now addiction free! My family thanks you too and work is now a much happier place to be. BTW, I enjoyed the process, interesting and worth more than words can say. Thank you. You are truly the best.

– J.J Worthington. Detroit.


“M as you know my Dr. referred me to you Dr.Kissel. She told me she had heard good things about you and your work. I was skeptical about trying hypnosis again, I’d tried it a few times before with no results. Drugs didn’t relieve me of my problems, either, my pain and anxiety was limiting my life and ruining my relationships. I am now back to working in a job I love to do, and friends and family are once again part of my life. Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say how grateful I am for your help. Also for the Skype sessions that saved me so much travel time and traffic hang ups. Like you said I’d appreciate the convenience and I sure did! God Bless you.”

– Irene D. Mannoris. St. Clair shores.


*Dear Dr. Elaine, You can print this in an add, and I suggest putting it on your web site because so many people have the wrong notion about hypnosis. I know I did and it cost me so much in pain and money to going elsewhere seeking help. I admit I was a bit surprised at the program your recommended for me, expecting a quick fix offered by other hypnotists. The process of my healing was amazing and rewarding in so many ways. Your ability to glean insights from deep within me and employ them was incredibly powerful. You are not just a hypnotist, you are a true hypnoTHERAPIST.
As you know I am now addiction free, at my ideal weight and sleep well every night, naturally. You helped me heal from childhood wounds and taught me how to be my best self. Thank you does not seem enough to say, though I hope you know it comes from my heart and those of all my family.

– Beverly S. Southfield, Mi


*”In my opinion, if you are looking for some solid help with whatever your problem is, the only place to get it is with Dr. Elaine Kissel. I’ve been to Dr. Elaine Kissel for help with smoking and weight loss with great success and painlessly! The side effects have been wonderful and the end results have helped me personally and professionally. So many of Elaine’s thought management techniques have become part of my daily life. These techniques have allowed me to become a more efficient ,productive and more relaxed at the same time. I’ve been a happy client for the past eight years and my husband says it’s the best money we have ever spent. What have you got to lose!!!?!?”

– Kathy Partin


*“Dear Elaine, Thanks for the memories! You have given me far more than I came for. Not just the help I was seeking to overcome a very personal problem, it was how comfortable you made me feel, how easy it was to talk to you.
Don’s attention and consideration to make me feel at home was appreciated. I know Don did everything he could to accommodate me in your busy schedule with my travels.

I now have amazing tools to work with for the rest of my life. If I keep on improving at the rate I have already, my life will be better than I ever hoped. Everyone has mentioned how good I look, how relaxed I am and my confidence is showing up on the job and I am selling more and better than ever. I just want to thank you. God bless and keep you.”

P.S. When I hear your voice on my tapes, I smile and thank the Lord I found you.

– Dick Hartfield


*“Elaine, this is to let you know I have kept off the fifty four pounds I was lugging around when I first came to you. It’s been four years now. I thought you’d like to know, because someone I ran into the other day I haven’t seen in years who knew me as fat didn’t recognize me. She asked me what I did to get so slim and look so good and I told her all about you. I didn’t write before because it now is so natural for me to eat right and exercise every other day. I didn’t mean to take you for granted or the success you made possible for me. I can go to my Mom’ and Dad’s 50th. Anniversary in a little red dress! So thanks, and keep up the good work.”

– Jinny Coleman


*“Your counsel and guidance have been invaluable. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and applaud your success. I’ve achieved so much through Mind Mastery and self-hypnosis as well. It’s hard to explain to others just how well what you do works. You have to do it to understand.”

– John Borbeau, Detroit


*“I’m always thankful I became a client of yours. My copy of “The Mind is Willing” is the best reference I have when I’m doubtful. It helps me stay positive.”

– Ann Marie, Troy, MI


*“This is the second time I’ve worked with Elaine, using her Mind Mastery techniques, hypnosis and therapy sessions: I was able to overcome my fear of flying with her help. This time I am working to resolve some issues from my past, so I can move forward in my life with a clear and positive attitude. Elaine’s methods work quickly and connect deeply with my subconscious to invoke powerful changes in the way I think and feel about myself.

Her program provides vast resources of information to draw from, and a strong foundation of support while the transformation is occurring. The experience is unique, the process allows one to learn about themselves on a whole new level; while integrating positive techniques for relaxation, fulfilling your potential, and developing new ways of feeling and thinking about yourself and living your life. I highly recommend embarking upon Elaine’s program to truly bring about the changes you are looking for in your life.”

– Dale Sparage Bloomfield Hills, MI.


*“Dr. Kissel, I wanted to thank you again for everything you have done for me. It’s nice to have someone to listen to your problems, like the past therapists I have seen. But when you have someone who listens, shares quality feedback, and teaches you ways to deal with your own problems on a day-to-day basis, it allows you to become independent and productive. Learning Mind Mastery and using it every day has helped me control my anger and my desire to do things that are not healthy for me, and my anxiety that used to cripple me when it came to facing challenging tasks.

I went from not being able to go to class in college because of a social phobia, to now sitting in on meetings with CEOs of large companies, and negotiating real estate sales with GMs top real estate brokers. In ten months I have gone from being a complete wreck with very little self-confidence, to contributing something productive to society every day, along with the confidence to talk to anyone. My accomplishments over the past ten months, I give total credit to Dr. Kissel for teaching me the ways to be my own boss and control my life, and of course to myself for using what she has taught me to push my life in a positive and productive direction. Although Dr. Kissel teaches you how to have full control of yourself and your life, it is useless unless you put these tools to work on a regular basis and know that you are capable of achieving your goals.

Once you know that you can take control of your life, and then actually do it, you look back and recognize how much you have really accomplished. It feels great to be happy with the way your life is going, and to also know that the tools you need shouldn’t ever have to leave you. I’ve said it before, the Mind Mastery tools are like second nature to me now. Thank you so much for everything, and I hope I can convince my mother to come work with you for her headaches.”

P.S. You can pick and choose out of what I have written here to put together a testimonial. Anything I have written is fine for you to share with other/new students.

– Sean Williams


*“I have meant to send this out to you (Elaine) after my success overcoming headaches that took control of me for over 2 1/2 years that included pain management at Providence and Beaumont Hospitals resulting in surgery several times. Not one surgery was successful. As a last resort I decided to try hypnosis as opposed to acupuncture. First I tried my best to contact someone who has been through this type of program with no success. I could have used the yellow pages but preferred to talk to someone I knew. To make a long story short I enrolled in Elaine Kissel’s program of hypnosis, Mind Mastery and am headache free. Feel free to recommend me to whoever may want info on what this is all about. Elaine Kissel is in today’s Oakland Press, Features section, front page. Please read it and recommend this reading to folks having any number of problems that hypnosis and Mind Mastery training may resolve.

P.S. To Elaine Kissel: It has been a few months since completing your course and what a success story I am. Have had no problems since but continue self hypnosis and Mind Mastery at home as well away from home. I will never be overconfident and continue this program daily. How wonderful to have your conscious and sub-consciousness in sync and under control. We get along much better each day! Much success to you dear lady for all that I owe you from myself and family. A belated Happy New Year to you and yours. The green tomatoes, bell peppers and elderberry jelly will be abundant this summer.”

– Howard P. Dennis


*“Elaine is a true pro – who is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering help. I truly did not understand the benefit that Hypno Therapy could have on my life until Elaine took the time to show me. Working with her was time and money well spent. PS by the time I was done I felt Elaine and Don Kissel were far more than a service provider – but Friends that helped me . HIGHLY RECCOMENDED”

– Joe Ciaramitaro


*“Elaine Kissell is a professional and truly caring person who coincidentally came into my life when I needed her most. Through my work with her ‘Mind Mastery’ program and also Hypnosis I not only achieved the clarity I was seeking but also gained the tools I needed to continue my life in a positive and creative direction. I highly recommend Elaine to anyone who seeks assistance in advancing a career, overcoming obstacles, or simply finding the right path to ones own potential.”

– Elizabeth Crank


*“Elaine is a superb hypnotherapist and I have benefitted greatly from the face to face sessions and telephone support that she has given me. I found her wholly client centered, adapting her unique and innovative methods to my personal needs.”

– Viv Schwartzberg


*”I highly recommend Elaine Kissel to anyone who is lucky enough to find her! If you are skeptical about this less conventional method of therapy and need help – I encourage you to take a leap of faith and go for it. I had remarkable results working with her and was completely satisfied. It was well worth my time and investment. Where more traditional methods failed me time and time again, I was finally able to overcome crippling addictions with Elaine’s help.

I am 100% certain she can help you with whatever you are trying to accomplish. Thank you, Elaine, for the remarkable work you do. It had a profound impact on my life and I know in many others.”

– David Liss


*“Elaine is a true professional and tops in her field. To say she is sincere and empathetic would be an understatement. I would highly recommend her for growth and self development!!!”

– Jamey Kramer


*“I first found Dr. Kissell in 1986. Without question she is an expert in her field. Others may get certified and hang a shingle out and claim to be a therapist. Then there’s the truly gifted like Dr. Kissell who has that innate ability to get to the core of the issue. If you want to achieve your personal best, she will teach you the tools you need to get you there. It’s been 24 years for me and I utilize her methods to this day.”

– Irene Woods


*“Elaine is a competent and skilled hypnotherapist. She develops original approaches so that each person gets what is needed for their situation. She helps people develop skills to create their own good lives. She lives her own life the way she teaches others. And she does all this with her warm personality and her creative, focused mind. I gladly give Elaine my highest recommendation.”

– Connie Haley


*“I believe that everyone would benefit dramatically working with Dr Kissel from making a major life decision to resolving to quit smoking to anything that requires a commitment and a real and true understanding of one’s self.”

– Larry Kelly


*“Your staff asked me to fill out a report card. I would rather do it this way if you don’t mind. When I came to you I was in hell. Only you and I know what you have done for me. I had all the kinds of pain I think it’s possible to have. I had been in therapy with so many therapists for so long I’ve forgotten some of their names. All I know is that you are the only one who helped me. It wasn’t just your ways of listening and giving guidance, it was something else. You have a way of putting things together that makes it very easy to understand and do what I have to make things work for me. ”

“I’ve tried many things and never understood why nothing worked. Now it’s all so easy. I’m a different person, a happy person. By the way, the money I spent there is the best money I’ve ever spent in my life. I wish I had all the money back I spent on psychologists and psychiatrists all those years, I would give it all to you. You are the best. Thanks for everything. If you don’t hear from me you know I’m doing well. I’m back to work and planning to go to school in spring time. Guess what? That’s right, architecture. You convinced me I could do whatever I want to do.

P.S. Notice my typing is improved and I’m working on my spelling. I got a raise a few weeks ago and am moving to another department. I like the people there more and the hours I like best. Thanks again.

– Terry J.


*“Had I known how wonderfully effective Dr. Kissel’s help would be from so far away I would have contacted her long before I did. I could have saved myself a lot of pain and frustration seeking help locally. I don’t know how she managed to make me feel I was in the same room with her, but she did. Her warmth and connectedness was as brilliant as her methods. The results have been satisfying to say the least.”

– Dianna Margolis, Denver Colorado.


*“I got thousands of dollars worth of insight during the evaluation. I’ve spent years and lots of money with therapists who never seemed to get it. Dr. Kissel clued in right away. It was a marvelous experience to sit with someone who didn’t label me or recite the usual psychological mumbo jumble. I never felt pressure, just a sense of confidence I was with the right person to help me. And she did in more ways than I expected. It was a fulfilling experience with many very gratifying outcomes.”

– Marion McCormic, Cleveland Ohio.