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Hypnotherapy with Elaine Kissel enables people to use any and all of the best methods of actualizing the natural potential latent in all of us. And you can learn to get the most out of your game by learning how to perform to your personal potential. Consistently!

Call today to schedule your evaluation; don’t wait until the season starts before you begin your mind training with Elaine. Prepare your mind and yourself now for being better when going in to the activity next time.

If you are in training, you need to learn how to get the best results from your training sessions and take what you have learned in practice into actual play and/or competition.

Don Y. Of Kansas City reports:

Frustration with lack of focus and inconsistency in performance held me back from entering the pro-ams. Elaine you brought out the great golfer in me and I’m on my way to join the pros big time. Thanks, But I won’t be telling my competition about you though! LOL

Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance

The popularization of commonly applied techniques such as relaxation and visualization has opened the athlete’s eyes to the mind’s role in his or her performance.

A closer examination of the often poor results achieved by many people who practice the most common techniques show they have much to learn; and in many cases, so do their guides. For it is more than the practice of generating an image of acting out the best moves and the most positive way that produces the desired results.

The mind/brain system is complex and the conscious and subconscious mind both play important roles in the functions involved in the best possible physical performance.

The images created in the mind to “blueprint” the ideal actions and reactions must have all the components that the individual normally experiences in such activities. The mind and body need to be in harmony, too. Most importantly, the conscious and subconscious mind must work as a team.

Many factors come into play for the best sports performance to be achieved.

Confidence, the ability to relax and concentrate, and the appropriate attitude and physical coordination must all be in place if you are to perform to goal standards. Developing skills, be competent, and consistent in using those skills under even the most demanding conditions and circumstances, are also crucial to playing any sport well. Whether playing competitively or for recreation, most people play better when the pleasure of participating is maintained. For the player, this often depends on how well he or she plays. Most people enjoy their sports more when they know they are playing their best.

Another aspect of sports participation, (especially, though not exclusively in competitive situations) is the commonly experienced performance anxiety.

This problem prevents even the most competent and talented individual to lose control completely or not utilize all the learned and practiced skills consistently, or not function at peak levels. Many a competition has been lost due to this pre-performance nervousness that in some cases, lasts throughout the activity.

Elaine’s home study Mind Mastery Course is a great compliment to hypnotherapy.

When Elaine recommends Mind Mastery it is because she wants clients to learn how to get their conscious and subconscious mind to work as a team. In Mind Mastery you learn how to control your physical, mental and emotional responses. You will also learn how to channel your resources efficiently to maintain your energy levels keep your focus and even recover quickly from fatigue and prevent or relieve muscle strain.

In some cases, there are underlying issues that prevent the person from functioning at his or her best in a sports activity.

For example, in one case success would have meant the person would have to go far from home to participate in competition, so there was a subconscious motive to prevent the player from achieving the status that would make travel necessary. The fear was of travelling and leaving familiar places and family. Once the issues were discovered by Elaine Kissel, she resolved them so that the person is now very actively traveling and enjoying success in professional competition. In fact, Elaine has helped many people develop their sports abilities to the extent they have been able to participate in pro-am competition or turn professional. Elaine has even helped some well-known sports stars overcome problems and play to their fullest potential.

You too can overcome whatever problem is preventing you from doing your best and improving your performance.

Elaine Kissel has developed exclusive and highly specialized techniques to help people actualize their sports potential. Hypnosis is an ideal modality for it is the kind of relaxation that immediately aids in the process, for it facilitates the visualization’s impact as it reaches deeper levels of mind than would otherwise be possible using other relaxation techniques. Whatever your sport, golf, tennis, bowling, skating, archery, baseball, football, hockey, racket ball, basketball, fishing, marksmanship, or any other, you can overcome whatever it is that has prevented you from being your best and succeed beyond your highest expectations.

Elaine will teach you methods of visualization that will give you the edge and enable you to achieve the kind of performance you can be proud of.

She will teach you how to develop the best mental images that will get your mind and body in harmony and have complete control of your performance, and achieve an ideal state of being in which to perform. You will learn how to get in control and stay in control of your mind, body, and emotions so you can give your best performance. You will overcome any anxiety or nervousness and enjoy looking forward to your sports activities as much as you enjoy the actual playing.

The Elaine Kissel Advantage can become your advantage.

The advantages of the training Elaine will give you will also spill over into many other aspects of your life. It takes some time to fully actualize your potential. So start now to be the best you can be and be all you can be!