Here are just a few of Elaine’s happy client’s comments.

*”I got far more from my program of hypnotherapy with Elaine than I ever dreamed possible. I can’t imagine ever smoking again. I actually lost some weight, too.”

– Martin S. Southfield, MI

*”I’m calmer now, dealing with stress better, thanks to Mind Mastery and Elaine’s hypnotherapy I breathe easier, have more energy. Hypnotherapy with Elaine paid for itself, I’ve saved more money than the program fee in a matter of a few months. I just love doing the self-hypnosis Elaine taught me.”

– Claire B. Plymouth, MI

*”The quality of my life has improved significantly through my work with Elaine. I not only became a non-smoker, I am a more confident and relaxed person. She taught me how to deal with stress. I’m in control for myself now: thanks Elaine.”

– M. Schmidt Mt. Clemens, MI

*”I’m a non-smoker! I’m neutral about people who smoke. I was worried I’d be judgmental of them when I quit, the way others had been with me when they did. I just can’t relate to them anymore. I had no withdrawals like other times when I quit. It was a great experience. I didn’t realize how deep and complex my addiction was. Dr. Kissel got to the roots and dug them up. I also believe Mind Mastery made it so much easier. I deal with stress really well now. I got many more benefits than I expected from my sessions. Elaine does truly amazing work.”

– Pauline R. Washington DC.

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Addiction

The cost of smoking, both to your health and your finances is far greater than what it will cost to become a non-smoker. Important things to factor in when you are seeking help to become free of smoking.

Many people can quit smoking with or without hypnosis or any other form of help. You probably know some of them or are one of them. For the majority of people, just quitting isn’t for long, and/or without withdrawal symptoms and undesirable repercussions, i.e. weight gain, anxiety, tensions, irritability, depression, or substituting another negative behavior. People who merely quit smoking often continue to miss the habit, still desire cigarettes, constantly think about smoking, and eventually go back to smoking. Reverting back to smoking is often a result of social, situational, other influences, and/or a result of extra stress or trauma in the persons’ lives. They have not developed the psychology of a non-smoker, and they feel the need to smoke to deal with stress, tension, anxiety, or other life issues.

The frustration of taking up the old habit adds to the stress and loss of self-esteem and self – confidence for having failed again. Smokers get the idea that they don’t have enough will power. However, smoking addictions are the most complex of all. In the majority of cases, it takes more than will power to overcome them. There are many complex elements to the smoking addiction, and all of them need to be eradicated completely and permanently for you to become a non-smoker, forever.

There is a definite difference between quitting smoking and becoming a non-smoker.

Elaine Kissel knows that when you stop smoking you don’t want to have withdrawal symptoms, you don’ t want to be craving cigarettes, you don’t want those awful urges and you don’t want to feel tense and irritable. You don’t want to substitute smoking with another unhealthy habit or gain weight. You want a smooth and comfortable transition from being a smoker to being a non-smoker.

Elaine will resolve all the issues that kept you from succeeding in the past.
Elaine will help you through the initial withdrawal phase comfortably and help you develop the psychology of a non-smoker. To accomplish that, she makes sure that all elements of the addiction are eliminated. It is a process that is comprehensive and in depth. Think of it this way, if you had an addiction to any other substance, you’d be expected to go into treatment. Smokers are expected to just quit or use a patch or chemical, or behavior modification techniques that do not deal with all the psychological issues smokers face when it comes to becoming independent of tobacco and all of its physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral components. Elaine treats you with careful attention to your individual needs. You can get free of that awful expensive addiction.

Do you really want to quit smoking? Are you ambivalent about becoming a non-smoker?

The fact is even though many smokers say they do not wish to quit for various reasons, i.e., “I enjoy smoking,” or “I can quit any time I want to,” or I’m afraid I’ll gain weight.” Often times they are already suffering from the damages to their health, and figure it’s too late anyway. They know that smoking is an irrational, unattractive, unhealthy, and ever more expensive activity they are addicted to. They may not understand that their addiction has many components and they all need to be addressed and resolved if they are ever going to be non-smokers. Sometimes, their motivation to quit smoking is lacking on some levels. Elaine understands this and during the evaluation, she will be able to determine just how to help you develop readiness, willingness, and ability as well as the confidence needed to succeed. The time you spend with her during the evaluation will be very helpful. You will learn a lot about yourself and your addiction and be given a definite sense of direction.

Whether or not smokers want to admit their addiction, they fear withdrawal and they ask themselves,” How do I live and cope without them?”

If they have tried to quit before and have found it distressing and have had problems managing everyday life without cigarettes, they tend to further rationalize smoking. The fact is that the more times a person attempts to quit and is not successful, the more subconscious and even conscious resistance develops to quitting again. Some people report “one-shot” hypnosis, group, or taped sessions of hypnosis helpful, and it is true that a few people do stop smoking after those kinds of sessions, However, Elaine’s experience working with smokers and the statistics prove that the vast majority of people who attend those sessions with any success at all soon revert to smoking or develop problems as a result of quitting with inadequate treatment. Usually, once the initial effects of the hypnosis wear off, or when they gain weight or some other reason, they go back to what they call their “crutch”. Most people who come to Elaine Kissel have tried many of the popular and even some radical methods only to find themselves back in the grip of the addiction again sooner or later, or suffering the consequences of having smoked, for example, lung and/or throat cancer, emphysema, COPD, asthma, and many other health problems. Don’t be one of those who has tried and failed. Elaine Kissel is there for you!

Become a non-smoker and quit forever. Call Dr. Elaine Kissel today to schedule your evaluation appointment!