Dr. Elaine Kissel Can Help You

Elaine Kissel is an expert on sleep and dream. You can trust her to know what’s the right approach to help you get a good night’s sleep every night. If she feels it’s indicated, and you haven’t yet done so, she may recommend that you have a clinical sleep study and she will refer you to a sleep laboratory for appropriate tests.

Whatever the cause of your problem, Elaine knows the effect can be devastating. However, there are solutions, ones that are natural, safe and effective.

A Few Examples Of What Clients Say

*”I was suffering terrible depression and anxiety when I came to you Dr. Kissel. You identified the problem very quickly as sleep deprivation, You explained that it was a round robin problem: Not enough sleep caused depression and anxiety and in turn that caused the sleep problem to be exacerbated. I had been taking pills to sleep which were not helping no matter what kind and how many I took. Your Mind Mastery course was amazingly helpful, I learned how my thinking was making matters worse. Things began to change and once we started the hypnotherapy portion of my program I began to feel more calm as the depression began to lift while sleep came easier to me. You have changed my life, I am sleeping normally and feel more normal, though you said my normal when I came to you wasn’t ideal Ha Ha . Now I am anxiety free and sleep well. Now I can say my normal is great! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Thomas J, Canton MI

*”I was so exhausted from the lack of sleep when I found Dr, Kissel. I’d tried hypnosis with a couple of other people, but got no lasting results. I didn’t know where to turn and sleeping pills were not what I wanted to rely on forever. A friend told me of how Elaine Kissel had helped many friends and family members, so I figured I’d give it a try. During the evaluation through Skype she asked questions no none had asked me before, then she prescribed a process for me that I am so glad I agreed to. I worked with Dr. Kissel via Skype (a very effective means by the way). She honed in on the problem pretty quickly. She helped me resolve the issues that were interfering with me getting and staying asleep. I will forever be grateful I was referred Dr. Kissel, and that I followed through. It was worth every penny and more. She taught me Mind Mastery and self hypnosis, tools that have improved my life in many ways. I promised her that I would always use them and I do. I would recommend Dr. Kissel to help you with any problem you might have. From Margaret Owens, with gratitude and fondness.
P.S. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial on your web site. People need to know how good you are at what you do.”

– Margaret Owens of Cleveland OH wrote…

Hypnotherapy for Sleep and Insomnia

Sleep disorders-insomnia and other sleep disorders.

If you can’t sleep, or your sleep is disturbed in some way, you need to get help as soon as possible, because the physical, mental and emotional effects of sleep deprivation can be very serious. The health hazards of insufficient sleep are many. The impact on every aspect of a person’s life and functioning are quickly evident to those suffering from the lack of regular good quality sleep, and to those around them as well. Besides the negative effects on physical health, there can be personality and behavior changes that are often quite pronounced.

Most people have occasional sleep problems.

A missed night’s sleep or a restless night now and again are not unusual. The reasons are many and are often easily discernible. For example, extra stress, or some difficult emotional or mental challenges will adversely affect sleep. Any kind of temporary problem can interfere with a night’s sleep occasionally. However, for those who have prolonged insomnia and /or sleep disturbances, it is a serious matter indeed.

When you cannot sleep, your entire life is affected. Science has now proven that sleep loss is responsible for many life threatening health problems.

The sense of frustration extends to every aspect of your existence. The lack of energy, the exhaustion, the nervousness, the inability to cope, and the struggle to manage the normal day to day routines is difficult; and any extra stress increases the strain and adds to the pressure. The feeling of not being able to stay awake, actually falling sleep on the job, or the sense of urgency to sleep during the day cause stress and negative consequences because they further disrupt your biological rhythms.

Attempts to overcome the problem with drugs either prescribed or over the counter, and even alcohol compound the difficulties by adding dependency to the list of problems.

Unless you have experienced insomnia, it is hard to imagine the stress and pain it causes. Sometimes the difficulty is not being able to fall asleep. For other people, it is not being able to stay asleep, or waking up and trying to go back to sleep unsuccessfully, or tossing and turning restlessly. Others have such brief nights of sleep their days start in the very early hours of the morning. Some people have nightmares, some have sleep disruptions, going to the toilet several times a night, some have restless leg syndrome, and others have various anxiety problems related to sleep, such as fear of sleep, fear of nightmares, or dying in their sleep. For some it is simply that they developed poor sleep habits.

Hypnotherapy with Elaine Kissel is a natural answer to sleep problems.

Dr. Kissel has spent 38 plus years in the study of sleep and dream sciences. Along with her many years of experience helping people overcome sleep problems, she has developed a deep level understanding of all the issues and invented many techniques for resolving them.

The nature of hypnosis makes it an ideal modality to relieve sleep difficulties when used to its full potential.

In and of itself, hypnosis is a relaxing and soothing experience. One of the phases you go through at the onset of sleep is called the hypnogogic stage. As Elaine applies it, hypnosis also becomes a healing process. Elaine will teach you self-hypnosis; and if necessary, Mind Mastery. She will do whatever insight gathering is necessary to get to the root of your problem and resolve the issues, give you guidance, support, counseling and nurturing, and whatever else it takes for you to get healthful, natural sleep, regularly.

The all-important evaluation appointment.

The evaluation gives you and Elaine an opportunity to get to know each other and for her to gather enough information about you and your sleep problem to prescribe an appropriate course of action. She is skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable enough to help you re-establish a natural sleep pattern and healthy biological rhythms that suit your lifestyle and your psychology.