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There is help, and even though it takes a while for full sexual functioning to be established, soon confidence, self-esteem and a sense of self-control develop. You will be relieved and feel better about yourself immediately, even during and after the evaluation, because you will know there is genuine help here; and of course, as soon as you embark on your personalized program of hypnotherapy with Elaine Kissel you will be making progress.

Whether it is premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, achieving orgasms, frigidity, sexual “hang-ups” or other dysfunctions, you can learn to express your sexuality naturally, freely and comfortably. Whether you are male or female you can achieve your full sexual potential with help from Elaine Kissel Ph.D. hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy for Sexual Problems

How to overcome male and/or female sexual problems.
When you have sexual dysfunction, self-esteem and confidence in every aspect of your life can be negatively influenced; and the problem tends to compound itself. In all too many cases, the problems with sexual functioning result in serious difficulties in every aspect of the relationship. For the individual experiencing a dysfunction, a sense of inadequacy overshadows them. Some people have an idea of the underlying issues that have caused their problem. Others are in the dark as to the cause of their inability to experience a satisfying sex life and/or satisfy themselves or their partner.

Sex clinics and urological procedures, such as implants leave a lot to be desired: The typical standard clinical approach makes it difficult for most people to relate to. Men and women suffering from sexual dysfunctions and problems often suffer in silence and all too often resist engaging in intimacy for fear of failure. Drugs like Viagra do not help the person feel normal, and the risks, as well as the lack of spontaneity, take away from the sense of freedom to respond naturally. Natural sexual functioning must be rebuilt from deep within the individual by eliminating the causes as well as symptoms. The inability to do what comes naturally leads to frustration and that must be replaced with feelings of easy natural control.

Dr. Elaine Kissel facilitates natural solutions for her clients, so they can enjoy intimacy and be confident in their sexuality and expressing it to their own and their partner’s satisfaction.

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Keep in mind gentlemen, implants and injections should be the very last resort.

Implants and injections should be considered only when the problem is diagnosed as physical in nature via thorough testing. Although there are almost always psychological components to the problem that results from having physical or biological issues, few medical professionals address them. The fact is the majority of sexual dysfunction is a result of psychic conflicts, i.e., the loss of a partner, divorce, conflicts in relationships, stress, inappropriate or insufficient education, embarrassing or traumatic sexual experiences, or even negative body images.

Drugs like Viagra come with risks and myriad negative side effects and do nothing to resolve the underlying issues.

Men often feel incomplete in their manhood because of the need to use them. That is because they really want and need to have easy, natural, sexual functioning to feel good about themselves. Herbal compounds are less dangerous; however, they are also inadequate in putting an end to the problem.

There are often deeply rooted issues for men and women.

The underlying issues causing the sexual dysfunction must be unearthed and resolved, for unless they are, the problem will be an ongoing one, regardless of any treatment method. That is why Elaine Kissel skillfully uses hypnosis to help you comfortably get in touch with and resolve the cause of your dysfunction.

Problems of sexual dysfunction require a multidimensional treatment that is comprehensive.

They require sensitivity and a genuine deep level understanding of the myriad feelings that have contributed to the onset and continuation of the dysfunction, and the complexities of the problem. Also, the individuality and the psychology of the person suffering the problem must be respected. You already know that not being able to get your body to cooperate with you can have destructive effects on body image, self-concept, confidence, ego systems, and on relationships, too. These must be repaired, so that confusion and frustration are replaced with understanding and being involved in a process of positive change.

Many of Elaine Kissel’s clients come to her with referrals from sex clinics, physicians, psychologists, psychotherapists, urologists, and other helping professionals. Most have suffered many years without the kind of help that results in satisfaction. Many people have hoped the problem would mend itself in time. Unfortunately the longer a person goes without help, the more issues arise and the problem more complex to resolve.