Dr. Elaine Kissel Can Help You

In order for you to overcome confidence issues, and for you to feel able to rise to all occasions with a sense of inner well-being to go forward in life boldly and from a position of inner strength, the reasons for the lack of confidence must be discovered and eradicated. Elaine knows how to help you develop confidence naturally and comfortably.

A Few Examples Of What Clients Say

*”Dear Dr. Kissel, Thanks to your expert and effective approach I’m a very confident individual. I’d done Dale Carneghie and other programs to raise my confidence,. They didn’t work. You got deep into me and discovered the problem and quickly fixed it. I’ll be forever grateful to you. Your Mind Mastery Course is the best of any I’ve taken and your hypnosis therapy worked great in all areas of my life including taking tests and meeting women.”

– George C. Beverly Hills

Hypnotherapy to Improve Self Confidence

Confidence is the stuff that success is made of.

Confidence is what everyone needs to succeed in life. If you lack confidence so much of what is possible in life seems to be denied you. Lacking confidence is not only frustrating and painful, it often provokes guilt and shame and a sense of loss that cannot be compensated for.

There are many reasons why people lack confidence.

It could be that an experience has been embarrassing, or that confidence was never nurtured in their childhood, or that they are “shy” or introverted. Self-consciousness and sometimes self-esteem issues are involved. Some people try to override their fears, all the while suffering extreme stress. Even while they may be confident in some life areas, in other aspects of their lives they balk and get filled with anxiety and even panic. The crippling effect often results in withdrawal from many aspects of life that offer rewarding experience and satisfaction. It is impossible to explore, discover and actualize your potential when confidence is lacking. However, the resources you need to be confident are within your subconscious. Elaine knows how to access and help you use them.

Many confidence building programs take the wrong approach.

Many programs that claim to produce confidence do so by forcing people to “get up there” or “In there,” expecting that they will get used to the experience. Exposure and immersion techniques seldom work in the long run. Elaine explains; “Simply throwing you into the deep end is not the way for you to get comfortable in the water. Some people might learn to swim that way,” Elaine says. “However, people never really learn to love the water that way, and memories of that trauma will often haunt their every performance so that confidence never becomes an inherent trait. There are many more comfortable and better ways for you to develop confidence.” Elaine knows just how to help you without any stress on you.

You can overcome your inhibitions naturally and comfortably.

First, you need an in-person evaluation. This will help Elaine determine what is the best approach for you to become inherently confident. She may recommend Mind Mastery as it provides a strong foundation and structure for change and tools to improve your life skills in general. In and of itself it is confidence building.

The program Elaine designs for you will be in-depth and comprehensive.

The program will include an understanding of what issues have undermined your confidence, and/or the source of your problems, so they can be addressed and resolved. Getting to the root of the issue is imperative. How she employs hypnosis is based on your individual psychic profile and personal needs. Elaine wants you to be confident through and through, and her confidence in your ability to be confident is imparted during the process.

The Mind Mastery Course

Elaine may recommend the Mind Mastery Course if she believes it will expedite results as it is an incredibly powerful mind training course that not only supports the hypnotherapeutic process, it creates a solid foundation and structure for change and gives you life skills and control of your mind, body emotions and behaviors, it also speeds up the therapeutic process. The Mind Mastery Course is available for purchase in the Mind Store.