Dr. Elaine Kissel Can Help You

The unique and wonderful ways that Elaine Kissel has developed to heal relationships are profoundly effective. You can live happily ever after, after working with Elaine to overcome your relationship problems. There are easy comfortable natural ways to bring peace and harmony among the people in any relationship so that they can reap the rewards of being together in a satisfying way.

*”I was in hypnotherapy with Elaine while also doing marriage counseling, but it hadn’t been much help, so we stopped going. I found out Elaine did couples therapy so since I was getting excellent results for my migraines and my weight issues we decided to try her methods for our problems. It helped the first time we sat down together with her. Her approach was refreshing and enlightening. It didn’t take long before we were making improvements in our relationship and as of our last session with her we can truly say we are a good and happy couple. My husband decided to see Elaine for his issues and is as happy as I am that he did. Both Fred and I are very happy we chose Elaine to help us. He often jokes ,”We are a Kissel couple now!”

– Beverly M., Madison Heights.

*”We were considering divorce when we went to see Elaine Kissel, referred by my doctor actually, because I was getting very depressed and couldn’t sleep because how things were going. Long story short, we are good together again, and the reasons we got married are fresh and new. It was definitely cheaper than a divorce and it saved our children a lot of stress. I will always be thankful to my doctor for referring us to Elaine Kissel. She told us Elaine would help me and she ended up helping save my marriage as well.”

– July R., Rochester Hills.

*”If you are thinking that its over, think again. That’s where we were before we went to Elaine Kissel for couples therapy. Our minister suggested her as he knew of people she had helped people with many things and did this kind of work. It was so different than the marriage counseling we had been to. Right away we began to make changes. Using hypnosis and Mind Mastery together as part of the process was a great help. After years of conflict and dissatisfaction we are truly happily married. I’d say people should see Elaine before getting married, it would save a lot of grief.”

– Andrew W., Highland Mi.

*”Me and my girl friend were in and out of our relationship for years. She was seeing Dr. Kissel via Sykpe for a personal problem and was very happy with the results,. Very soon after we did it together things started to get better. We got married, finally, and as Dr. Kissel said we could, we are living happily ever after.”

– Patrick O. M., Portland.

Hypnotherapy for Relationship Issues

Healing Relationships – How to make them gratifying and harmonious.

Whether it’s between couples, family members, work associates, and even between friends, neighbors, and roommates, there are often issues that prevent relationships from being as satisfying and rewarding as they can be. Often the personal internal conflicts of the individuals involved haunt and stress the relationship. Interactions between them become stressful and communications difficult. Sometimes generating more hurt and frustration. When these issues come between the people rather than helping them to become more supportive and closer to each other there is often a sense of failure and desperation. Then there are those issues that have developed within the relationship that tend to create more conflict as they build up all kinds of negative emotions so that displeasures and hurts are expressed in ways that escalate into arguments. Sometimes hostile demonstrations of anger result in more hurt feelings while they bring up past hurts up which compounds and exacerbates the sense of not being respected and being misunderstood. The feeling that the relationship just isn’t satisfying anymore causes more stress. At times these hurt feelings cause withdrawal and a silence that speaks of unexpressed resentments and frustration that only put prickly wedges between the people and makes matters worse. Repeated expressions of old unresolved issues and repeative arguments do no good.

The pain of relationship issues can be healed.

Relationship problems are so terribly painful for all involved. Call Elaine Kissel and set up an evaluation so she can explain how she can help you get better in your relationship.

Life cannot be enjoyable when people are struggling for the survival of the relationship, and when individuals in them are striving in ineffectual ways for the happiness they anticipated when the relationship was founded.

They say things like, “We just don’t get along anymore.” or, “We are not compatible.” “She just doesn’t understand me.” “He won’t listen.” “He’s too demanding of me.” “She has changed since we got married.” or, “He doesn’t trust me,” are some of the cries that come forth from these situations. Elaine can help you heal from past hurts, develop trust and understanding, improve communications, enhance your compatibility, and resolve the issues that have prevented your sense of fulfillment in your relationship. If you’ve tried marriage counseling and not been able to make it work, or make positive changes last, you need Elaine Kissel’s help.

This is not marriage counseling.

The couples work Elaine does is unique, it employs hypnosis and self-hypnosis and when applicable Mind Mastery techniques. There is nothing like it available anywhere else. Changes come about quite quickly and are permeated through the entire process. Meaningful and fulfilling relationships are founded on many attributes, not just of those who are in the relationship, also the relationship itself. Relationships develop a personality and style of their own. They develop many patterns that have evolved from
the needs, wishes and expectations of each person. People bring into relationships their own personalities and backgrounds, their own values and ways of communicating, both verbally and physically. Relationships are also impacted by external factors. Some of these factors are the stresses of daily life, work, financial issues, added responsibilities, children, the expectations of other family members, complications with in-laws, etc. Some other factors are physical health and psychological stresses. The inability to cope with the internal and external pressures further compound relationship problems.

When it comes to family relationships, i.e .conflicts between siblings and/or parents, resolution is possible and new ways of enjoying and appreciating each other can occur with the right approach and guidance.

Regarding on the job conflicts between co workers and superiors, disharmonious relationships can be improved so that the work environment becomes stress free, much more comfortable and conducive to productivity and overall job satisfaction.

There are easy, comfortable, natural ways to bring peace and harmony among the people in any relationship so that they can reap the rewards of being together in a satisfying way.

An evaluation is required for couples and for family members who wish to avail themselves of Elaine’s Whole Mind Hypnotherapy for relationship improvements