A Few Examples Of What Clients Say

*”Elaine, your support and healing techniques made so much difference for me in my fight against cancer. You worked with me and my family so we could get through this with less stress. This was my second bout with it so I was extra scared but with your help I didn’t have any of the side effects of chemo and radiation that I had the first time. I was comfortable relaxed and confident I would get well and coped with it all without worrying. Your Mind Mastery course taught me how to be in control of my mind and body, and I felt empowered to win this battle. AND I WON! I was cancer free months before the doctors thought I would be. And the last scans and blood tests say I’m still cancer free. The hypnosis is such a wonderful experience; I practice my self hypnosis every day. Say hi to Don for me, his kind attention to my scheduling problems helped a great deal. Thank him for me. I will stay in touch and recommend you to anyone who needs help healing and coping with illness.”

– Marsha L. Kego Harbor, MI

*”Dr. Kissel, I’m writing to report that my mental and emotional and phsyical health is wonderful thanks to you. I expected you would help me as you helped so many before, but I never expected to be completely healed of the emotional and phsyical pain and its causes the way you did it for me. I had no idea how my issues had caused the pshyical pain, because I’d been in and out of therapists offices since I was in my teens, as you know I never was free of the inside turmoil until I came to you. Your methods were amazing. I found them easy and very effective. I loved the hypnosis sessions and how you worked with me to resolve the issues. I can even be with my mother and step father without feeling anxious and having mixed feelings. My fiancé says I’m a different person, a happier person and he still loves me and wants to go through with wedding plans now. So soon you will be getting mail from Mrs. M. L. instead of M. S. Clinton Township. Thanks again.”

*”Dear Dr. Kissel, words cannot express my gratitude for the help you gave me to heal my body and overcome things my Dr. said I’d have an early death. from. You proved him wrong and I’m living proof that what you teach and your hypnotherapy is powreful and even life saving. Here’s a picture of me on the beach, enjoying life. Say hello to Don for me, he’s a great guy and you are indeed a a dynamic duo .. I’ll stay in touch. God bless and keep you.”

– Dolories M. Arlington Virgina.

Hypnotherapy for PTSD

Healing mind body and emotions Healing physical conditions from within. Self-Healing and Supportive Hypnotherapeutics. The power of the mind to heal.

Elaine Kissel is an expert on the mind body relationship. She teaches people techniques to get and stay healthy and overcome illness and emotional pain naturally. She provides supportive hypnotherapeutics for cancer patients and other people suffering from all kind s of health problems. She relieves their pain and its impact on their lives, helps minimize the negative side effects of chemo-therapy and radiation treatments and drugs while she teaches natural self-healing methods. Elaine knows how to improve the quality of life for people who are ill, and their families.

The healing process is a very complex one indeed. It requires that every aspect of the person’s being to be involved in a positive way to ensure complete elimination of the causes as well as the symptoms.

The psychological stress related to the illness and all of its ramifications also need appropriate careful attention. It is well known today of the role that psychology plays in the disease process, and the success or failure of any treatment depends on the right attitudes and thought processes. The placebo effect is the clue that nature has given us that directs attention to the body/mind complex that affects the outcome of any treatment protocol.

For many years now the holistic approach has proven to us that as humans we need to be treated as whole beings; mind, body, emotions and spirit must be harmonized for health and healing. For unless we work on all these levels of self, healing is difficult, even impossible, no matter what medical approach is employed. Attitudes and expectations and many other factors come into play in any method’s effectiveness.

The outcome of many medical maneuvers depends as much on the individual’s ability to work within him or herself to assist the body in its battle against disease.

Every element involved must be addressed for the desired outcomes to be assured. Elaine has been working with cancer patients and other people suffering from , i.e. Multiple Sclerosis, chronic fatigue, immune deficiency related illnesses, fibromyalgia, and auto immune problems. She has proven in more than 38 years of practice that with the right kind of supportive therapeutics, people with illnesses and pain can get well and stay well. They can outlive prognoses and have the quality of life that they deserve. In fact, Elaine employs many of the methods she used to heal herself from a six-month prognosis over 45 years ago.

All elements that are crucial for healing are incorporated into your personalized course of hypnotherapy including developing the ability to relax, relieve pain and the side effects of drugs, and how to visualize effectively. Each client is taught how to develop the ideal attitudes and thought processes that will influence the healing process. Whether under medical care or when they have been given up on by doctors, Elaine supports her clients with specialized care and understanding, knowledge and experience and helps the patient overcome any blocks to healing and live free of disease.
Many people are referred to Elaine by their physicians, while others are referred by those who have experienced firsthand how self-healing with Elaine’s guidance has made living longer and healthier a reality.

While Elaine Kissel cannot promise or guarantee anyone a complete or permanent healing, she has proven over the years that in the majority of cases learning self- healing techniques including the ability to use self-hypnosis as well as Mind Mastery techniques empowers the person, takes away the feelings of being victimized by their illness and he or she learns to once again appreciate their body and its natural ability to heal itself; Developing the right psychic environment, and being provided the professional guidance and support makes every client more comfortable and improves the quality of life.

Elaine’s Exclusive home study Mind Mastery Course is a great support to the healing process.

In Dr. Elaine Kissel’s home study Mind Mastery Course you learn relaxation techniques that enable a person to be relieved of symptoms caused by illness and ways to empower your mind to rid your body of illness.