The Amazing Exercise Motivation

Format: Downloadable Audio

Elaine has made three sessions on one Audio. One is for motivation in general, one to get you in the mood if you need an extra boost to get you going for work out, and another for after you have exercised to maintain all the good feelings and benefits and look forward with enthusiasm to your next exercise session. Elaine has produced a remarkable Audio that has proven to really work!



Do you want to get really motivated to get trim and fit? This Audio is for you!

A case in point: One of Elaine’s clients, a woman, we will call Jane, who was seeing Elaine for weight control said from the beginning that she hated exercise, hated to sweat and would not listen to any encouragement to exercise. She was doing very well with positive changes in her eating habits and sensible eating was becoming quite easy and natural. Her weight loss though was slower than she wanted, and she would complain about that to Elaine during every session. When Elaine gently broached the subject of exercise is important, not just to burn calories but to speed up her metabolism (which was very slow from all the dieting she had done before she came to Elaine) Jane, would get annoyed and say she didn’t want to hear about it. After several sessions went by with the same reports from Jane: “I’m eating right, it’s easy, other people are noticing, but I’m not losing enough weight: Only a little every week hardly enough to reach my goal the way I planned.”

Elaine said, gently but firmly, “Jane, I am not going to listen to your complaints about slow weight loss anymore. We have talked about this from the beginning, and as I told you when you signed up for your program I don’t promise weight loss, only that I would help you get in control of your eating habits. I have done that. I also advised you that it’s not a good idea to have ridged deadlines. I also explained that exercise is important for your overall success. You refuse to exercise or even talk about it, so now I refuse to talk about weight loss any more. If you had got the exercise tape or allowed me to suggest in your hypnosis ways for you to get motivated and enjoy exercise regularly we would not be talking about this anymore.”

Then Elaine changed the subject and continued to support Jane in maintaining healthy eating for the rest of her life. When Jane came in for her next session, she acted quite perturbed; huffing a little with apparent annoyance as she sat down.

Elaine asked what was going on. Jane said, “That damn tape. That exercise tape! I bought it before I left last time just so I could tell you I had, and shut you up about exercise and be able to tell you it didn’t work. I was sure it wouldn’t. Well, it does work! I’ve been exercising…you know…it’s not that I enjoy it- yet, but I do it, and it isn’t as bad as I thought. And you will be pleased to hear I dropped four pounds since here last.” It had been 2 weeks since her last session.

That “damn tape,” now in Audio format, does work. Jane with her negative attitude about exercise was able to get going and keep going, you can too. Jane said later on, “I don’t hate exercise anymore. I don’t love it, but there are times when I do enjoy it. It’s worth it, that time on the exercise bike, I even listen to that tape while I am cycling.” Jane actually lost 71 lbs by the time she last saw Elaine and by all reports has maintained her ideal weight and exercise routines.


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