Setbacks and Comebacks

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Dr. Elaine Kissel’s new eBook is a must-have for anyone’s self-help library. In this eBook, Elaine takes you through multiple ways to overcome Set Backs and Stuck states in order for you to reach your goals in life.



Set Backs and Come Backs…how to overcome stuck states and setbacks and come back stronger. Life happens, there are ups and downs, detours, roadblocks and potholes on the road to success. Knowing how to maneuver your way through or even circumvent the challenges and stay strong on your course assures your success. That’s why Elaine wrote this book for you. So if you’ve ever found yourself struggling to move forward, stymied by internal and external blocks, you need this book.

If you have ever been devastated by the experience of finding yourself right back where you started…or in an even more challenging position…this is the book for you. If you are experiencing a sense of frustration because you have lost ground and unable to find within yourself the wherewithal to get going again, you need this book. Even if you have been moving forward at a satisfying pace, something in life can throw you off course and put barriers in your way.

You need to know how to respond to those situations so that you will not be deterred, and this book will be your inspiration and guide.


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