Remarkable Relaxation Experience

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This is no ordinary relaxation recording. It does not employ subliminal suggestion or any other common methodology. It works on purely natural principles.



Here is Dr. Kissel’s explanation: Before the RELAXATION TAPE was released for the client and general use I made sure of its effectiveness with biofeedback studies. I wanted a recording that would assure the desired results, not just while the subject listened to it, I felt it must have residual effects, too. For all of the many people in the study it produced significant relaxation responses and the changes were verified in the Electroencephalogram (EEG) brain wave readings, galvanic skin resistance monitor (GSR), not just while the subject was hearing it, afterward, too.

Subjects were monitored on the EEG for baseline readings in the alpha ranges, and then again various times after listening to the tape. All of those participating had baseline measurements of below 20% of a fast alpha, 10-11 hertz and all responded to the tape with slightly above 56% slow alpha approximately 8-10 hertz range, and some as much as 68% slow alpha after hearing the tape. These are the measures of relaxation levels shown via the EEG in the brain.

Some in the study even went into theta levels. 4-7 Hertz: That’s a very deep level of relaxation. They also reported long term relaxed feelings as they went about their daily business, and improved sleep as a result of hearing the tape just once. With continued use, all reported improved sleep, better coping and feelings of well being. People who have purchased the tape over the years report that compared to all the relaxation tapes and meditation and other methods they have tried, this tape gives them the best results.

Nothing other than self-hypnosis training or a hypnotic induction given by a professional through hetero-hypnosis and/ or hetero-hypnosis specifically to help people relieve stress and to become stress resistant, or my Mind Mastery Course
(it’s in the online store) can do a better job for the listener than SIDE A, of the REMARKABLE RELAXATION TAPE.

We still occasionally do other biofeedback, i.e. GSR demonstrations of the effectiveness of the RELAXATION TAPE in my clinic. Unfortunately, our records of the original data from the study were lost in a flood. However, The RELAXATION TAPE continues to provide objective as well as subjective relief and comfort and lasting positive effects for everyone who has used it. It’s an ideal tape to go to sleep with. In fact, many people report that when playing the tape at night they never hear the end of it they fall asleep so quickly while listening!

I made Side B is an extra session, a more “standardized” technique for those who sometimes like or need a different kind of relaxation experience. After all, there is no one thing that works for everyone every time.
Relax and enjoy!


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