Motivation Explained and Regained

Format: Downloadable Audio

Extraordinary! In this exciting lecture Dr.Kissel explains what motivation really is and how can be generated and maintained. This recording will provide insight and methods you can use to power up. You’ll want to hear it often.

Now includes a powerful hypnotic induction to get you and keep you motivated towards achieving your goals.



What is Motivation? Where does it come from? How can you generate its power to move you towards your goals? Dr. Kissel answers these questions and gives you a better understanding of the mysterious and powerful energy that everyone needs to be able to harness it and channel it to succeed. Without motivation we feel lifeless, with it we are alive with an inner force that drives us happily towards our goals. The better you understand its source the better you are equipped to achieve what you want and need in life.

*Bonnie C. Of Milford said, “I have so often wondered what motivation is and why I couldn’t feel it at times, this problem has kept me stalled in so many aspects of my life. The mystery was solved for me when I heard this lecture. I appreciate how Dr. Kissel put it into words I could understand and work with to get myself inner directed.”

*Mark M of Romulus wrote: I’ve listened to so many of Elaine’s powerful lectures and attended her workshops and never been disappointed. I always come away with insights and knowledge I can put to use right away. I highly recommend taking the time to not only enjoy Elaine’s presentations, they will enlighten and aid you in your self awareness and self improvement.


Goal Motivation hypnosis session: It will enhance your motivation and help you focus on your goals in the right way. Created by Dr. Kissel this session will relax you into a state of calm receptivity to positive suggestions. Not to be played while driving. Regularly $35, now part of your purchase of the Motivation lecture.


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