Mind Mastery: Home Study Course


In this unique and powerful course Elaine Kissel is your personal mind trainer.

The exciting, inspiring and informative lessons are designed to give you control of every aspect of your life, and therefore your destiny.

If you have ever wished you had more control of your mind body emotions and behaviors, this is the course for you!

If you would like to function at your peak performance levels in a relaxed calm confident easy going way, Mind Mastery is for you.

This course will empower you to achieve all you aspire to!

What makes this course different than all the other self-improvement courses out there? There are more than 29 reasons!

Mind Mastery will give you the life skills you need to succeed and be all you want to be and all you want to do.

It goes above and beyond the usual personal, and career development, motivational and stress seminars. It's much more.

You will be amazed and delighted how quickly you develop the kind of control you’ve always dreamt of.

Elaine teaches you how to have conscious control for your subconscious mind. It will give you the edge to rise above the crowd.

Many large and small corporations including Cisco and General Motors have given their employees and their executives the benefit of Mind Mastery and all testify to its profoundly useful impact for themselves and their organizations. Mind Mastery is a down to earth practical mind training course.

From week one you will notice the self-improvement you are able to bring about. You will be overcoming problems, making positive changes and becoming the master of your life.

Plus Mind Mastery training makes you a better hypnotic subject and makes hypnosis work even better for you while it teaches you how to support any therapeutic process.

Mind Mastery objectives and outcomes to be expected.

1) To Learn about the conscious and subconscious mind, how each function and how to get them working together as a powerfully effective team. To have conscious control for the subconscious mind. This enables the student to immediately and expediently access natural resources and use them to their best advantage anywhere any time under any circumstance.

2) To demonstrate individual personal power and teach students how to access and use their subconscious resources in appropriate and positive ways.

3) To facilitate each individual’s ability to function at peak performance levels even in the most demanding situations.

4) To deal with stress healthfully. To maintain objectivity and perform rationally in any situation; including those circumstances wherein stress factors are chronic and/or acute. This assures good judgment even in the most demanding times.

5) To be able to relieve stress quickly, easily and naturally anywhere at any time without altering consciousness or separating oneself from the situation as with hypnosis and self- hypnosis.

6) To build confidence, self-esteem and the ability to maintain high levels of inner-directed motivation, and to access inner resources quickly and easily and employ them creatively and productively.

7) To improve concentration and memory and enhance the ability to quickly absorb, assimilate and integrate as well as effectively employ what is learned.

8) To maintain the flow of positive energy to provide for the needs of the moment. This assures mental alertness and the ability to act energetically at all times.

9) To be consistently creative and productive and organized and proactive even under pressure.

10) To develop and maintain high-quality effective communications and interpersonal relationships in every aspect of life.

11) To be able to command any desired outcome at any time anywhere instantly, whether it be physical mental or emotional, as well as behavioral.

12) To teach the student how to change undesirable behaviors/habits and the ability to overcome difficult and/or complex life issues: To be the best that he or she can be in every aspect of his or her humanness.

13) To be an excellent problem solver both in the workplace and in private life.

14) To develop latent as well as known talents and abilities, and how to explore and actualize potential.

15) To sleep well, get well and stay well.

With the Mind Mastery course you will develop the following:

Coping skills/life skills – That means that you will cope more positively and appropriately, therefore more healthfully with whatever happens in your life and work you will be able to maintain mental and emotional equilibrium in the face of all stresses and life events.

Stress management – This requires more than an understanding of the nature of stress and its effect on psycho-physiological states; it is also learning to control your stress responses and use the stress energies for your good health. In Mind Mastery, you will develop the ability to eliminate stress where possible and handle it well when it is inevitable.

Self-Awareness – Self-knowledge, and understanding enable you to be more accurately attuned to your physical mental and emotional elements of yourself and use that awareness for self-improvement. Self-awareness enhances your sense of self and enables you to truly know yourself and the extent of your personal potential.

Relaxation – This is the key to all human potential. You cannot function at your best or ever access and utilize your positive resources without the ability to be calm internally; not just when there are time and space but also while going about your daily business. Being relaxed inherently enables you to function at your peak performance levels. Mind Mastery actually remakes you into a relaxed person.

Thought control – This is a skill that once learned gives you control of the direction and content of your thought processes. Improved concentration, better memory, and enhancement of many other mental abilities come from this, as does mental clarity and well being.

Body control – The ability to control all of your body responses and processes. Fine-tuning your body awareness enables you to detect even subtle changes in your body and be proactive in dealing with its needs. Therefore caring for your body in a way that promotes health and facilitates healing.

Pain Control – Through Mind Mastery training you will be able to reduce and/or eliminate pain (whether it is physical mental or emotional) as well as achieve overall better health, induce and/or facilitate healing and wellness.

Behavior Modification – Making desired changes in your behaviors easily comes from Elaine Kissel’s Mind Mastery training, and how to identify and change the motives that cause behaviors. You will learn to use a more comprehensive understanding of the systems that are involved to adjust psychological and neurological mechanisms that determine your actions. The how to what to and even the whys are taught in Mind Mastery.

Positive Self-Concept – Your self-concept is greatly improved with Mind Mastery training. A sense of higher self-worth, positive self-image and self-esteem are all part of a complex system that affects every aspect of your functioning. The improvement in these aspects of your inner self begin in week one as a control for yourself develops along with a sense of personal power.

Confidence, motivation, and assertiveness – These traits are natural results of an improved self-image that comes through working with the links in the chain of command exclusive to Elaine’s Mind Mastery program.

Emotional Well Being – This much sought after state of coming through knowing how to integrate what you know rationally and intellectually on all levels of consciousness; that way your objective reasoning powers can be integrated into your emotions for your emotional health and stability. You learn to use your emotions to help, not hurt you.

Attitude Adjustment – This is an important lesson Elaine teaches, and she teaches you how to make those adjustments. It’s an essential lesson for most people because most often attitude determines the quality of inner and outer life. It can make all the difference between success & failure, health, and sickness, happiness or unhappiness.

The ways and means are provided for you to have an attitude that is healthy for your mind, body, and emotions as well as your behavior. Mind Mastery enables you to make a natural shift into positive attitudes and gives you the ability to maintain them.
Creativity – The ability to be creative and innovative is a natural outcome of being able to access and utilize all the subconscious resources.

Overcome procrastination – Become proactive; use time and energy wisely and meet deadlines in a relaxed calm and confident easy going way.


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