Golf is a Mind Game!

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The secret of the masters is in their minds! Golfers… Is it possible that you could sit or lie down and listen to a gentle voice guiding you into deep relaxation and then become a better golfer

Yes, it is!

With Elaine Kissel’s expert guidance in hypnosis, you will overcome the frustrating problems that have plagued you. In a relaxed calm comfortable easy way you will be putting to use everything you have learned about how to play a great game of golf Improve your focus and consistency in replicating your best shots and improve on them too. Everything from your long and short games, from swing to putting, You can be better.



How? You simply let Elaine Kissel’s soothing voice nurture you into a natural altered state of consciousness and therein she will work with your subconscious resources to bring out the best golfer in you. Two tracks, each designed to address specific issues that golfers face and want to overcome.

Dr. Elaine Kissel Says “Whether you play for pleasure or in competition, pro or amateur, you will never know how good a golfer you can be without this CD. I’ve made this recording based on years of helping hundreds of golfers actualize their potential. I know it can be frustrating, to say the least, to know what and how to do it right and somehow do it wrong! I know the disappointment you feel when you have lost focus and miss an easy shot! Or when you can’t seem to apply everything the pro has been teaching you. So don’t let another season pass without getting the kind of help my hypnosis CD can give you. You may surprise yourself and even your friends and competitors with how well you play; won’t that be great!”


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