Dr. Elaine Kissel Can Help You

Through Elaine Kissel’s “Whole Mind Hypnotherapy” she will employ her skills to alleviate your pain. With hypnotherapy there are only positive desirable side effects.

Hypnotherapy for Pain

Hypnosis is an ideal modality for the relief of pain.

First of all it relaxes you, which immediately significantly reduces your levels of discomfort. That’s because pain causes you to become tense and that intensifies the pain. Additionally, hypnosis facilitates homeostasis, a state of harmony and balance in the body, a state that enables the body to heal naturally, and it encourages the release of chemical soothers and comforters. Then the subconscious, which has access to all the natural resources and instinctively knows how to employ them, is encouraged to relieve pain and its causes. It’s not fully understood how the subconscious does its wonderful work. We know from experience though that it can and does amazing things when given the encouragement and correct guidance to do so.

Pain tends to cause myriad other problems.

In itself, pain is a stressor; and stress exacerbates pain. Pain can exhaust you and depress you and prevent you from being able to focus, it negatively impacts every aspect of your life. It can cause you to withdraw and have problems sleeping, and make coping with life in general a real challenge. The quality of your life is severely impacted.

The good news…You can get relief!

Whether your pain is physical mental or emotional, or all three, you can get relief. Regardless of the source or cause of your pain, how long you have been suffering, how severe, chronic or acute; hypnosis, when used properly, is a powerful tool for healing and comfort. Elaine will evaluate your individual needs for hypnotherapy and prescribe the best possible course of action to promote comfort and healing. She will do all in her power to make you less dependent on drugs; and, whenever possible, wean you off of them entirely.

Elaine might recommend her Mind Mastery Course.

The Mind Mastery Course improves the mind body relationship, teaches you how to cope more effectively and also to develop control for yourself and your body. She will also teach you self-hypnosis, a wonderful tool for helping you support the clinical hypnotherapy and for whatever your needs are in every aspect of your life.