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The obsessive compulsive behavior becomes entrained in the whole mind/brain system and sometimes it takes a while before it is retrained. Hypnotherapy is an ideal modality of treatment because it reaches deeper levels of mind/brain so that the changes occur from within the person, rather than being imposed from external sources i.e. standard behavior modifcations methods


*”Please feel free to use this on your web site and in your book of testimonials.Dr.Kissel. I want to share my experience with you with as many people a possible. Thank you. Unless you’ve suffered from OCD you never know the impact it has on a persons life. Its like being in a mental vice. So its only natural that when Elaine relieved me through her Mind Mastery and Whole Mind Hypnotherapy I can never praise her work enough. I never got relief from meds, talk therapy or psychologists. It’s not that Elaine didn’t talk to me, but when she did it all made sense and she listened too, which made a big difference. Everyone else I went acted like they had the answers. I got to understand my minds power and how it influences the brain. That was an amazing thing for me to know and put to work the way Elaine guided me to. I don’t have to continually repeat things in my mind and in my behaviors now. I am normal now after 24 years of suffering. Thank you Elaine. You are a Godsend.”

– Eddie Franks., Dearborn.

*”Dr.Kissel, I just got a big contract and thought of you as I have so often, because it wouldn’t have been possible without your help. People with OCD need to know there is help. So use this as a referral to you on your web site with my blessing. OCD is a life limiting problem until you get to work with Elaine Kissel. Make no mistake, there are ways to get free of it and she knows those ways. She did it for me and many others, I know that because we were referred by people she has helped. Let her do it for you. It takes time, and like she told my parents when they took me to her there’s no quick fix. I had to be patient and follow her directions and I learned so much as well while I got better. I was only 15 when I went to her, I wasn’t able to get on in school. I was really messed up. With her help I was able to graduate from high school. Now I’m doing great running my own lawn and snow plowing service business. I still use the Mind Mastery and self hypnosis she taught me and its made everything easier for me. Dr.Kissel, I thank you every day of my life.”

– Brian Thorpe., Romulus .

Hypnotherapy for OCD

Overcome Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. Elaine Kissel knows how troublesome and disquieting OCD is. She is here to help you overcome whatever it is that is holding you hostage to undesirable habits…i.e.

Nail biting, hair, eyelash and eye brow pulling (trichotillomania), excessive cleaning, excessive hand washing, insisting on a certain order of things, checking things over and over again, thumb sucking, and having repetitive thought processes or undesirable and negative habits all referred to as OCD. When you feel trapped in undesirable behaviors you may feel helpless and alone in your stress and embarrassment. It’s as though you are in a mental vice. It’s been referred to as mind lock! Your whole life is centered on these behaviors, you cannot move freely in your life, it’s life limiting in every respect.

So many people have been able to eliminate the negative behaviors naturally through hypnotherapy with Elaine Kissel.

When you are driven to constantly perform a behavior, or find yourself overwhelmed by repetitive negative intrusive thoughts it’s naturally frustrating and disturbing. However, if on a deeper level it serves an important purpose, you cannot simply “just stop doing it!” You have tried. You probably have done everything you can think of to stop these behaviors, have taken medications; and even though some things seem to work for a while, the pattern soon begins again bringing with it the same frustration and humiliation. Sometimes, you are aware you are performing behaviors that your conscious mind feels are unnecessary. Other times it happens before you realize it, or it doesn’t come into your awareness at all. Even though you are aware you are doing it, you cannot control the behavior. If you are confused or alarmed, that’s only natural. It is indeed frightening to feel this “thing” has so much power of its own. It is a mind/brain issue that needs to be addressed from all angles so you can find relief.

There is help; there are ways to end the cycle of self-effacing behavior.

Your mind and brain are capable of making wonderful changes, given the right approach. Neuroplasticity is now an accepted fact in brain science; this means you can change your brain’s wiring and chemistry with the correct use of your mind. Without using messy chemicals on your nails, taking drugs, or trying various outlandish techniques for controlling the undesirable behavior, without drugs or superficial and common behavior modification techniques you can get in control and feel good about yourself. There are often serious underlying issues and causes that drive OCD. It is important to understand this and to address and resolve with them so that you can be free of OCD.

Elaine may recommend her famous Mind Mastery home study course as an adjunct to hypnotherapy sessions.