Dr. Elaine Kissel Can Help You

Dr. Kissel knows how to find out what is missing, and what is preventing you from being motivated, and how to get the motivational energies freed up to flow into your life. Elaine helps people become inner directed, self-motivated and positively driven as a natural attribute of their personality; and this is one of the most important keys to every person’s success. It is a more satisfying to move along the path towards success when you are not dependent on someone else to keep you psyched up and moving forward.??

Hypnotherapy for Motivation

Motivation: The source of all action.

Motivation is the psychic and emotional energy source that enables you to act on your best intentions; it to drives you to consistently go after the goal and do whatever it takes to achieve it. Motivation is an energetic drive that is powered by desire and facilitated with confidence. Without motivation, you are not likely to do whatever it takes to achieve a goal, even if that goal is very attractive to you. You may think about it, fantasize about it, even make plans, talk about it and wish for it, but without motivation no forward movement toward achieving that goal is going to happen. So even though you might want something; without motivation, you find yourself lacking the energy and drive to go after it.

So what’s the reason it’s missing? How come you are not moving forward the way you want to or even need to reach your goals in life? Are you lacking in confidence? Do you feel able to accomplish your goals? Do you feel you deserve success? Do you know what’s holding you back?

There are often complex and deeply embedded issues preventing motivational energy from being employed; for it is within us all, it’s an inherent quality of our humanness. To become genuinely naturally motivated (not just superficially or temporarily motivated) these issues must be identified and resolved in order for you to access and put to use all of your inner resources. You are not lazy; it’s that you have not been able to get in touch with your inner resources for motivation. Come and talk with Elaine Kissel, she knows how to help you get going and keep going.

That powerful drive that will give you the energy to proceed and stick to-it-ness for your goal achievement lies within you waiting to be unleashed.

Many people attend seminars and lectures to boost their motivation. These “Rah Rah Rah!” sessions may have some temporary positive effect. After all, encouragement is always helpful. Other people’s energy and enthusiasm and stories of success are often stimulating and can even be inspiring. They can “kick start” action in many cases. However, they are externally stimulated; and consequently will not stand the test of time. That is why so many people continue to pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time going to those kinds of offerings, and they continue to buy courses, books and recordings to help them maintain their motivation: Businesses also purchase these “tools” or hire motivational speakers for their employees in the hope that through them employees will continue to produce and excel. Unfortunately, as long as employees are in need of being externally directed, they will always need that “fix”. Therefore, these motivational seminars/lectures are not economically advantageous to employers or ideal for the employee. The truth is there is more to motivation that being excited by someone else’s success story or suggestions that “you can do it too.” Propositions that excite individuals towards potential earnings will fall short when the going gets tough if there is not enough inner motivation to sustain them. Many times there just isn’t even enough motivation to do what it takes to get started. This is quite depressing for the person, even demoralizing, considering the possibilities and the potential for success that awaits your action.

Elaine may recommend the Mind Mastery Course.

In Elaine’s Mind Mastery course her students learn so much about how to access energy and develop motivation and confidence as well as the necessary life skills to sustain them during the ups and downs on the path to success.