Dr. Elaine Kissel Can Help You

Elaine Kissel pays close attention to all the factors in each individual person’s case, and addresses them all in a comprehensive and in depth hypnotherapeutic approach that gets permanent results.

A Few Examples Of What Clients Say

*”Working with Elaine on a private hypnotherapeutic basis as well as implementing what is taught in her Mind Mastery Course gave me the skills needed to expedite the learning process as well as maximize my brains retention capabilities. With the tools her program gave to me I was able to get into the Big Ten college of my choice and graduate with honors. Thanks so much Elaine!”

– Jesse C.

Hypnotherapy for Learning Environment

Learning enhancement for all stages of life. Relief from test anxiety too!

At any stage in your life there can be difficulties with any aspect of learning. It is not only frustrating it often affects self-esteem and confidence in every life area. It can hamper your progress and prevent you from acquiring an education or developing skills that are marketable. The inability to learn with ease can certainly ruin any pleasure that would normally come from the learning experience. Learning problems can also set up resistances to learning that ultimately affect your whole life and the quality of life you would otherwise have. Of course it is always best when learning problems or problems with memory or motivation are resolved in the early, ideally pre- teen years. The younger you are when you receive the help you need, your classroom and home study experience will be more pleasurable, and then the rest of your life will be easier.

Even in cases where learning disabilities are suspected or diagnosed, the appropriate use of hypnotherapy can make all the difference in achieving the desired or necessary education. Whatever your age or learning problem Elaine can help you.

Elaine has had a great deal of experience helping people of all ages improve their learning abilities, get better grades, take tests with ease and confidence and succeed in reaching their goals. Whether it is grade or graduate school level, whether it is vocational or academic, whether it is for fun or for profit, anyone can benefit from the techniques Elaine has developed to help you reach your potential as a student and in your life. There are many elements in the process of learning. Learning is a mind/ brain process. Hypnosis is a way of working with the mind and brain so you can learn to use them to their full potential. When used to its full advantage, hypnosis can facilitate every aspect of the learning process.

The Components of the Learning Process

One of the many aspects of the learning process is having the confidence to learn. Without confidence, the student balks at every learning task. Confidence must be built into any course of therapy designed to help the student actualize his or her potential. A student must have sufficient motivation; that is the desire to learn. Without motivation even the most intelligent and capable student can have difficulties. He or she must be genuinely interested in the subject matter, enjoy the learning process, and also be relaxed enough so that their mind can focus on the material. Dr. Kissel evokes that motivation and generates interest in the subject from within each student. The ability to concentrate is absolutely necessary, for unless your mind is focused on the material without distraction, you cannot comprehend or record it.

Elaine helps the learner develop the ability to concentrate well. Another important element in the learning process is comprehension. This is only possible when the mind is ready and able to integrate and organize the input, and that requires the appropriate mind set. Being able to retain what you learn is essential to the whole process. There is no way you can recall what you have not assimilated. This is the element of storing data in memory banks, either long or short term. Retention is one of the keys to recall, for unless you have retained what you have read or learned, retrieving data is impossible. Recall depends on many factors too. It can be hampered by stress, anxiety, tension, fear of failure, fatigue, or other pressures, as can any phase of the learning process. In some cases, all phases of the learning process are in need of improvement; and in others only one or two. Sometimes the issues are very complex and deep, and in others, fairly simple to identify and treat.

Students of any age and in any level of the educational process learn to enjoy their studies and do their very best. If the problem of fear of tests, (test anxiety) or going blank during tests, ”freezing” or problems in the areas already discussed, you can overcome the difficulties and learn to use your mind efficiently and effectively.

Elaine may recommend her famous Mind Mastery Course.

In Dr. Elaine Kissel’s renowned home study Mind Mastery Course you learn how to fully utilize your mind to optimize your memory and learning abilities. The Mind Mastery Course has proven remarkably effective all by itself to help people overcome learning difficulties.