Dr. Elaine Kissel Can Help You

Elaine Kissel knows after your evaluation just what it will take for you to develop self-esteem and carry on with your life with a sense of well-being and comfort within and about yourself. She knows how to build into your psychology the positive attributes of self-esteem so you will be happier and more able to actualize your potential.

Hypnotherapy for Self Esteem

Self – Esteem: You can develop it with Elaine Kissel’s help.

Self-esteem is such a crucial element for your sense of well-being. Without it, there’s always a feeling of dissatisfaction with yourself, too much self- criticism, harsh self-judgment, often depression and lack of confidence. Self- esteem is best developed when we are growing up from infancy and going through all the stages of life towards adulthood. When all the necessary nurturing of self-esteem is lacking in early childhood development, either from neglect, an indirect or direct negative input, physical and emotional abuse, low self-esteem is the outcome. Sometimes self-esteem diminishes when there have been stresses and difficulties in life that have not been overcome, or there is guilt concerning some action taken or non-action a person feels responsible for. Even having suffered a serious illness or having lost independence. These can all be overcome. The therapist needs to factor in all environmental influences, when working to raise a person’s self-esteem. Economically disadvantaged lifestyles in childhood and physical appearances, for they often affect self-esteem, as do poor role models. There are ways to undo the effect of those errors or failures; and Elaine helps her clients develop high self-esteem, a positive self-concept, high self – worth and a strong sense of self.

You don’t have to continue to deal with the many negative impacts of poor self-esteem.

You have suffered enough with the inability to develop healthy relationships, and the inability to be assertive when necessary, to be easily intimidated and undermined, and too accepting of poor treatment of yourself by others. It’s time for you to assume you are worthy of feeling good about yourself and deserving of success and happiness.

There are many processes that can be employed to build all the appropriate elements into the psychology of every individual where they are lacking.

It begins with an evaluation, and from that, Elaine can best determine the best approach for you as an individual and how much hypnotherapy will be required. So don’t hesitate, it’s time to be at peace within yourself.

Elaine may recommend her famous home study Mind Mastery Course.

The Mind Mastery Course helps build a strong foundation and structure for change, gives you life skills while it helps you support the hypnotherapeutic process. For more information on the Mind Mastery Course click here.