Elaine Kissel PHD hypnotherapist,

author and mind trainer, creator of

Whole Mind Hypnotherapy©

is accepting a limited number of new clients.

Dr. Kissel formulates for each individual incredibly effective personalized
hypnotherapy strategies for…

getting in control of your eating habits and weight,

overcoming addictions,

getting relief from OCD and PSTD,

healing from emotional and childhood issues,

pain relief…. insomnia…. depression,

and much more.

Dr. Kissel uproots all the causes of problems and makes sure the issues are resolved once and for always.

An evaluation is required to determine the right approach for you and how
much hypnotherapy you will need to permanently overcome your problem.

Dr. Kissel’s Whole Mind Hypnotherapy is proprietary and contains unique approaches she has innovated to assure success for her clients. It includes time-proven methodologies as well as creative processes based on client needs that get results when all else has failed; Dr. Kissel does not use standardized or prescripted techniques employed by other hypnotists. She includes counseling, guidance, nurturing, support, and whatever is needed to assure your success.

Some of our countless testimonials…


Dr. Kissel, I am sorry for resisting the media conferencing opt. I didn’t think it could work as well as being in your place for my therapy. After trying other ways and means and them not working I decided to work with you. Not admitting I was wrong and resisting change was some of the issues you helped me resolve. I had a lot of issues that troubled me and my relationships at work and family. I know you know how much I have changed for the better, for one thing, I’m now addiction free! My family thanks you too and work is now a much happier place to be. BTW, I enjoyed the process, interesting and worth more than words can say.  Thank you. You are truly the best.

J.J. Worthington


Knowing you, Dr. Elaine, and reading your books has put me in a very good place mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
When I need help, I go back to your books especially the Mind Is Willing: Mind Mastery. YOU have made a big impact on my life!
Cecelia J.

NOW, stop struggling…

Dr. Kissel advises you to look deep into her web site for a better understanding of hypnosis and how she makes hypnosis work for her clients, and listen to the Introduction to Hypnotherapy lecture.

For a well-informed individual is able to make the wisest decisions. Go to the online store and check out the products for self-help and self-improvement.

Wonderful opportunities await you.

Book your evaluation with Dr. Kissel today.


The first step is to book your evaluation with Elaine so that you are able to get to know each other and Elaine can create your personalized hypnotherapy process.

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Whole Mind Hypnotherapy

During the all-important and necessary evaluation, I will learn what is the best hypnotherapeutic approach for you and how much hypnotherapy you will need. I will design a program for you with the utmost care and consideration for you as an individual, and for cost-effectiveness; also to include all viable, natural techniques in order for you to achieve your goals as quickly and comfortably as possible.Your individualized Whole Mind Hypnotherapy© process includes workbooks (when applicable), recordings of each hypnotic induction, self-hypnosis training, the self-hypnosis support system, along with education about hypnosis you will be taught how to be a good hypnotic subject and how to support the hypnotherapeutic process.Your sessions will include insight gathering, problem-solving, guidance, support, counseling, nurturing, and whatever else it takes to assure your success easily and naturally. Once you are her client you have Dr. Kissel’s total commitment to you and your success. She will be there for you as needed to assist you in making changes comfortably. You may call her or email her when you need some extra help between sessions.