Just A Few Of The Thousands Of Testimonials On File

*”Dear Elaine, I’m writing to thank you again for helping me get in control of my eating problems. I’m pretty sure what would have happened to me if I hadn’t decided to accept your recommendation for my weight problem. I was on the brink of an early death with diabetes high blood pressure and other health problems. My eating and weight were out of control. My Doctor told me I was in serious trouble, my blood pressure and cholesterol and sugar were way up, and my family was worried. I was as well. I’d tried so many things, I can name about 20 of them, I even went to a clinic in New York for three weeks. I lost weight, but gained it back as soon as I got home. I never had control, I just struggled every day to try and keep away from all the things I liked, and to not overeat, and always felt deprived and hungry. Your program was incredibly amazing.

The Weight Control Seminar opened my eyes! After 25 years of trying to figure it out what was wrong with me I thought I’d heard it all and knew it all. You made me aware of things that no one else had ever told me. You helped me understand myself and realize the real reasons I was a fat over eater. Then with the hypnosis and your guidance you turned it all around. I can’t explain it to people just how you did it, but it was easier than I’d imagined it would be. I’ve lost more than 75 pounds and keeping it off easily. It’s been almost two years now that I’ve been at my ideal weight. I’m confident I will always be. I balked at the cost of the program, because we had already spent so much trying to get my weight off. But now I want to tell people it was worth many more times what I paid .I will always be grateful. You asked me to stay in touch. I promise to do that. Bless you.”

– Doris W. Sterling Heights, MI

*”Dr. Kissel, you called the other day to ask how I was doing. I appreciate your continued interest in me. I’ve seen a lot of therapists in my time, none of them helped me or took the interest in me that you have. So I thought I should put it in writing and give you permission to print it. Your caring and the amazing techniques you used to help me get control of my eating and weight not only worked, they helped me in so many other ways too. After so many years of dieting and gaining and losing weight I was beyond frustration. I’d become depressed and felt hopeless. I thought I was destined to be 70 pounds overweight forever. As a result of our work together, which by the way was a wonderful experience for me, my self-esteem is way up and I finally feel good about myself and my body. It’s easy to eat right and keep the weight down. My relationship with my husband is greatly improved, your input to help with that part of my life saved our marriage. I’m a healthy slim and happy woman now. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

– Virginia M, Minesota.

*”After strggling with over 200 Lbs of extra weight since my teens, and having done every diet under the sun, even had a stomach bypass, I still had no control of my etaing until I committed to the program of hypnothetrapy Elaine designed for me. She was patient and taught me to be, and here I am now, at my ideal weight and food is as she told me it would be, in its right context in my life. I did Skype because i couldn’t even fit in an airplane seat to get to her office! But I would have been willing to travel to get her help when I learned of her success rate. I eat now only to nourish my body, I work out regularly and have a good social life now. If you are ready to get real help to get your eating under control, I strongly recommend Elaine Kissel. She knows what she’s doing. and does it very well. When I look in the mirror I thank her again.”

– Brian B. of Wilminton Delaware

Hypnotherapy for Eating and Weight Control

Elaine Kissel has created processes for getting you in control of your eating habits and your weight naturally. Just imagine, no more dieting, no more struggling!

Elaine has had many years of experience helping people overcome negative eating behaviors and weight problems, including anorexia and bulimia. In fact, it has been one of her specialties because she has a particular empathy and understanding for those who have struggled to get in control of their eating and weight.

When you want to end the struggle with food and weight, you will find through Elaine a new depth of insight and vastly different approaches than are found elsewhere. Elaine has developed techniques that uproot the issues and give you a peaceful resolution to the internal conflict. This enables you to live a diet-free life and be slim forever.

Now you can learn how to be in control naturally from within.

No matter what programs and diets you have tried, if you still have a weight problem or body image issues or difficulty controlling your eating behavior, Elaine Kissel’s Whole Mind Hypnotherapy will put you in total control. If you are discouraged and frustrated by the lack of success with previous methods, Elaine knows how to revive your motivation and will help you develop the patience it take s to proceed in a healthy way toward your ideal weight and maintain it easily–no dieting, no weighing in, no calorie counting. You learn ways to keep food in its proper context in your life, and enjoy eating healthfully naturally.

Elaine’s approach is unique and different from other programs.

Elaine’s highly specialized and unique approach to helping people get in control of their eating habits and weight comes from her sensitive and intuitive understanding of the nature and depth of the issues that cause people to lose control of what might seem to others simple behavioral or lifestyle problem. Even those struggling with these issues tend to judge themselves harshly and think it’s simply a matter of behavior
modification that so far they haven’t been able to master, or that they haven’t enough will power. However, Elaine knows if it were that simple, most people would easily have gained and maintained control without her help. There are often complex and deep underlying issues that prevent people from getting in control of their eating habits easily and naturally.

Once you begin your individually designed therapy course, a sense of trust and confidence develops in Elaine’s ability to help you resolve your problems once and for all.

Her practical insightful approach enables you to realize that it isn’t your fault that you haven’t been able to get in control before. She will explain how the methodology used elsewhere actually exacerbates your problems, and makes it tougher to overcome them. Elaine will be there for you and give you all the guidance, counseling, nurturing, and support that you need to succeed. While she is helping you develop independence in your control of your eating habits, she is giving you a sense of your own personal power. You will be able to lose weight and keep it off; you will resolve the issues that have led to inappropriate eating behaviors. You will also develop self-respect and recognize yourself as a unique and special individual with the kind of self-esteem and confidence that clears the way to further personal growth.

Elaine Kissel’s techniques are powerful, yet gentle.

She knows that you need to learn how to be slim from within and make the positive psychological and behavioral changes permanent. Along the way, Elaine is helping you address challenges that arise in the process and adjust healthfully and comfortably to the changes as they occur. There is no diet talk, no points or calorie counting, no trite behavior modification nor “pop” psychology in any of Elaine’s programs, and no weighing in or food diaries to keep. She knows you have heard all the clichés and you want and need an honest-to-goodness way of achieving permanent control behavior and your weight, naturally.

This often misunderstood problem of weight control is given special attention by Elaine Kissel.

Your comprehensive care includes Elaine’s specialized and exclusive hypnotherapy techniques and innovative strategies. She records each of the inductions she does for you in sessions and you get to take them home with you for ongoing between session support. Education –Counseling — Insight gathering — Nurturing — Guidance- Workbooks – CDs, self-hypnosis training, and motivation for appropriate exercise too. Call now and book your evaluation appointment and begin the process of positive permanent change.