Just A Few Of The Thousands Of Testimonials On File

*”Dear Dr. Kissel, I thank you and my family thanks you for your hypnosis therapy to relieve me of depression that was with me for so long without help from drugs and shock. From the minute I met you I knew that you cared and could help me. After all the treatments I had my family was skeptical. I was hopeful because we were referred by someone else you helped. I can’t say how much I appreciate your kind and gentle therapy. As you said you got to the root of the problem and helped me heal emotionally. My doctor is amazed at how good I feel and look. I’ve lost almost 60 LBS and I sleep like a contented baby, as you pointed out to me, not all babies sleep well, LOL. I sleep like a contented baby! I can get on with my life now, I work and date and enjoy being with my family again. I love what you did for me. Thank you so much. I remember you in my prayers.”

– Jennie R. Waterford Twp., MI.

*”Dear Elaine, I thank you, my family thanks you, even my boss thanks you for getting me out of the depression that almost ruined my marriage and my life. I don’t need meds anymore, I’m calm and focused and productive again. The Skype worked better than I imagined it could, I felt close to you and felt you close to me in so many ways. Please put this letter on your web site so others can learn from my experience the wonderful work you do, and as I told you, never retire, there are people out there who will always need you.”

– Natalie R. Cleveland.Ohio

*”Dr.Kissel, maybe you don’t even remember me, Ron…but even after shock therapy I still suffered from depression until I reached out to you. I know I’m one of the many people you ‘ve helped, and it was a long time ago,
I just wanted to let you know I’m doing well and I’ll be sending you an invitation to my wedding. Something I never thought would happen because I was so dysfunctional before, couldn’t even date for so many years. My fiance says she can’t imagine me being a depressed and miserable person. Just as well I say. I could write more, but when I see you-you will see for yourself how happy I am, Thanks again for a much better life.”

– Ron R. Phoenix AZ

Hypnotherapy for Depression

We all have our ups and downs.
and as long as the highs and lows are not extreme or protracted, it is considered normal. However, when the lows seem to swallow you up, to cloud your entire life, to manipulate your mind and emotions and even your body, they need to be addressed right away. The longer depression is allowed to continue; many other issues add to the complexities of the illness and bring on the risk of more intense feelings of hopelessness. Depression brings about increased dangers of other health problems as well as more extreme physical symptoms, i.e., insomnia, lethargy, anxiety, aches and pains etc. If you are not enjoying your life because depression suddenly comes over you, seemingly from nowhere like a cold black fog, and prevents you from living a normal healthy and fulfilling life, you need immediate help. If you have been suffering from depression for as long as you can remember, have had recurring bouts of depression, if depression has you in its grip or threatens you from some hidden place within you, then seeking help from Elaine Kissel makes good sense. Elaine Kissel provides hypnotherapy for depression and can design a personalized program to meet your needs.

There are many different kinds of depression.

Reactive – caused by loss through death, or job or relationship losses; and situational changes, stress, mental, physical and/or emotional or physical illness.

Neurotic – Obsessive Compulsive Pattern, a classic model of neurotic depression. A Type of Post-Partum Depression, and other Types of neurotic depression.

Endogenous– Internally generated. These occur when the brain and nervous system (part of the internal person) become disorganized in some way and can no longer function normally. Some doctors call it Organic Depression or a Physical Disturbance of Nervous Function, which it is.
Chemical Depression– as it is often called these days. These can be caused by many things, such as childbirth, post-partum depression, menopause, infections, and glandular disorders as well as injury or other stresses.

Bi-Polar / Manic Depression– the extremes of mental/emotional highs and lows. Bi-Polar: A chemical imbalance. All too often depression is not recognized as such and many ailments can be traced to depression as their origins and vice-versa. So many physical symptoms and behaviors can mask depression and/or increase the sense of futility already being experienced.

Depression can come in many degrees of intensity and time lengths.

Duration of depression can last from short term to seemingly endless bouts. The social withdrawal, the sense of sorrow, lifelessness, and futility can result in suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Both for those suffering and for those close to the one suffering this can be terrifying. The fears of insanity, guilt, feelings of anxiety, anger, and fear that depression brings with it can all be treated and alleviated when these issues are addressed appropriately.

Elaine Kissel, along with her natural abilities as a therapist has the necessary understanding, experience, and knowledge to help you with every aspect of the problem.
Her skillfulness in using hypnosis to its best advantage is just one of her many abilities to help you overcome depression. She has created powerful techniques that have proven effective in helping thousands of people live more healthful and rewarding lives. With Elaine Kissel, you have every chance of success because she will do all in her power to help you in safe, natural and comfortable ways. Elaine knows how to use hypnosis for healing the mind, body, and emotions. She knows how your mind powerfully influences your body, and she can teach you how to work with your mind so it will work more positively for you. She knows how to lift your spirits, brighten your mood states, and boost your morale while she shows you how to harness your power to heal every aspect of your being. She will gently guide you in safe comfortable self-exploration that will give you insights and understanding of the cause of your depression and help you resolve the issues. She can teach you how
to access your inner resources and how to use them to become who and how you want to be.

Many physicians and other health care professionals refer their depressed patients to Elaine.

Because they know that their patients will be treated with all due respect to every element of the problem by a caring and concerned professional and be guided back to a full and enriching life, naturally without drugs. In many cases, Elaine works with physicians to coordinate the various aspects of treatment when medical as well as hypnotherapeutic help is necessary.

Common Signs of Depression

Blue moods lasting more than a day’s time. Extreme highs and lows. Lack of energy and enthusiasm. Fatigue after slight exertion. Inability to cope with everyday responsibilities. Everything seems like a monumental chore. Lethargy listlessness. Loss of interest in self; lack of attention to regular hygiene and grooming needs. Lack of interest in people and their environment. Body aches and pains, headaches and other symptoms of poor health. Insomnia or any change in sleeping habits. The need or desire to sleep more than you normally would. The inability to concentrate. Memory loss. Forgetfulness about ordinary daily events and responsibilities. Irritability, lack of patience and tolerance. Change in eating habits (weight gain or loss) and other behavior changes.

Elaine may recommend her exclusive Mind Mastery Course.

For her, Mind Mastery Course has proven so wonderfully effective for helping to relieve depression while it creates a strong foundation and structure for change while it teaches you how to support the hypnotherapeutic process. For more information on the home study Mind Mastery Course by Dr. Elaine Kissel please visit the Mind Mastery section of our website.