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*”I write this for anyone struggling with grief. None else except Elaine seemed to sense why my grief was so debilitating. I went to grief counseling and group therapy but it only made me feel worse. Other people’s grief only added to my own. I can never thank Elaine enough for helping me through the most tragic experience anyone could imagine. Her approach was wasn’t just comforting and supportive, it was healing too. I have been able to carry on again, laugh out loud something that was impossible before without guilt, something that everyone, including me, marvels at considering the mess I was in before I found Dr. Kissel. BTW, I did it via FaceTime. What a wonder!”

– Bonnie C.Louis, Boston

Hypnotherapy for Grief

Get help from Dr. Elaine Kissel to deal with your grief.

There are few things in life as daunting as grief. Loss of any kind causes an emotional upheaval that can shake a person to their roots. The often used phrase “grief stricken” depicts the nature of the experience quite aptly. Whether it is loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job, health, it is a very different kind of emotional pain than any other.

Grief is a complex process requiring specialized and individualized attention to cope with in healthy ways

Dr. Kissel does not do the traditional grief counseling. Grief is a complex process requiring specialized and individualized attention to cope with in healthy ways. Her deeply compassionate approach is based entirely on the individuals needs and the kind of loss experienced; everyone grieves in their own way and so there is no one way to aid a person in coping with it and learning to live with their loss and move forward.

Loss not only takes the wind out of your sails, it causes you to feel adrift on a sea of deep sadness that often sweeps you up in huge waves of despair. Dr. Kissel provides you with a life raft and guides you to the shores of emotional stability so you can deal with loss and grief in healthy and life sustaining ways.