A Few Examples Of What Clients Say

*”Dr. Kissel, thank you. It was such a gentle and effective process that you engaged me in. I am truly healed and able to engage in relationships with confidence. My anxiety is gone, I sleep well, and have no more nightmares. Dr. Kissel, you are a very special lady.”

– Debbie C. Detroit, MI

*”I’ve been in therapy almost all my life. It wasn’t until I went to Dr. Kissel that I got real help. Other therapists helped a bit, but I was stuck, in fact, my therapist recommended Dr. Kissel. From then on it was a whole different story. All I can say is that I wish I’d come to Elaine Kissel years ago it would have saved time and money and a lot of suffering. I’ve recommended Elaine Kissel to a lot of people, and some have gone to her and say the same thing. All the best to you Dr. Kissel, you’re the best.”

– Michael C. Redford, MI.

*”Long distance therapy!! No way! Until had a friend in Washington DC got help from Dr. Kissel to overcome depression. I’m writing this to tell everyone that she makes it work just like if I was in her office, I got rid of smoking and OCD and would highly recommend working with Dr. Kissel anyway you can.”

– John H. Toronto CA

Very young people need Dr. Kissel’s help too.

Children of all ages have been brought to Dr Kissel to relieve them of their problems.
Many have been referred to her by their physicians and psychiatrists, psychologists and other therapists. And others who have had Dr Kissel’s hypnotherapy to resolve childhood issues that have impacted their adult lives.

As Dr. Kissel says, “It’s crucially important to help very young children and teens overcome issues that cause them and their families stress while still young so they can mature in more healthy and appropriate ways, and be their best selves. 

Dr Kissel is known to help children and teens overcome physical mental and emotional as well as behavioral problems.
And cope with medical processes more comfortably too.
And learn how to employ the natural healing resources nature provided as well as pain control.

Children respond very well to hypnosis when employed for them in an appropriate and personalized way. It’s a tranquilizing state that relieves them of stress and enables them to get a sense of their ability to heal and change more easily.

As you know a child at any age is in the process of development, and at times this can be a satisfying and rewarding; other times will present challenges that they cannot cope with for personal  reasons, and so they have severe and negative reactions to everyday life experiences. Children often have the same experiences and symptoms adults do, i.e stress, depression, anxiety, poor self concept, lack of confidence, eating and other disorders, sleep problems, nightmares etc. Plus negative attitudes and behaviors

Children’s behavioral reactions that are negative and often unhealthy, even dangerous are because many children for the most part do not have the knowledge and ability to cope well and express themselves effectively and appropriately. Just as in adults, their emotions can be suppressed, which can cause physical symptoms and behavioral problems, and are reacted to in ways that adults find difficult to manage and assume are not normal. Or their emotions are expressed at times hysterically and sometimes violently causing stress to parents and siblings.

Parental relationship issues in their home can also trigger a young persons negative responses. Also school environment and classmate conflicts are hard to cope with, and often causes emotional stress and negative reactions.
Children are not always able to verbally express what it going on within them mentally and emotionally, and their reactions are all too often troubling for them and their parents and others who care for them. So Dr Kissel’s methods help them express themselves more effectively, appropriately and confidently.
It’s extremely important to resolve the causative effects of behavioral and health issues for children  as soon as possible so they can grow up to maturity mentally and emotionally healthy.

Dr. Kissel brings parents and sometimes siblings in to the evaluation process; and in the therapuetic and healing process when appropriate and necessary.

Dr Kissel helps adults in hypnotherapy with her to resolve childhood issues in order to facilitate permanent positive change. It’s such a meaningful and important purpose to resolve those issues  early in life so a youngster can grow to adulthood without those issues pervading their consciousness.

   Children who have physical health problems can get Dr Kissel’s help, not just to cope well, also to lean how to heal naturally and reduce pain and/or eliminate it. 

Learning how to cope well with physical illness reduces stress and helps the young person feel much better and heal faster. 

So, if your child, or teen ager is suffering, misbehaving, having serious issues,  learn how that can be eliminated naturally.

Schedule an evaluation appointment so Dr Kissel can design the right therapeutic approach for him or her.