A Few Examples Of What Clients Say

*”Dr. Kissel, thank you. It was such a gentle and effective process that you engaged me in. I am truly healed and able to engage in relationships with confidence. My anxiety is gone, I sleep well, and have no more nightmares. Dr. Kissel, you are a very special lady.”

– Debbie C. Detroit, MI

*”I’ve been in therapy almost all my life. It wasn’t until I went to Dr. Kissel that I got real help. Other therapists helped a bit, but I was stuck, in fact, my therapist recommended Dr. Kissel. From then on it was a whole different story. All I can say is that I wish I’d come to Elaine Kissel years ago it would have saved time and money and a lot of suffering. I’ve recommended Elaine Kissel to a lot of people, and some have gone to her and say the same thing. All the best to you Dr. Kissel, you’re the best.”

– Michael C. Redford, MI.

*”Long distance therapy!! No way! Until had a friend in Washington DC got help from Dr. Kissel to overcome depression. I’m writing this to tell everyone that she makes it work just like if I was in her office, I got rid of smoking and OCD and would highly recommend working with Dr. Kissel anyway you can.”

– John H. Toronto CA

Hypnotherapy for Childhood Issues

Overcoming childhood traumas, issues, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.

Painful childhood experiences and memories continue to haunt all too many people and cause myriad problems all of their lives; that is unless these issues are resolved and their healing is complete on every level of consciousness. Even late childhood, teen or adult experiences, such as trauma during the military service, rape, and accidents can result in nightmarish inner conflict and life-limiting problems. People who are suffering feel trapped in their pasts. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (P.S.T.D.) is more common than was once realized. Flashbacks, anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, and relationships issues add to the complex array of miseries suffered as a result of trauma and stress. The result is the inability to fully live and be well.

Learn how complete healing can happen through whole mind hypnotherapy.

Countless people come to Elaine having spent years in therapy elsewhere, often having gone from therapist to therapist, or staying in therapy with someone who has done little for them in the hope that eventually their problems will go away. Sometimes they feel the therapist has helped them in some ways. They may feel they have made some progress, yet feel stuck, and they are often still hurting and/or acting in ways that are self-destructive, or at least detrimental to their overall well-being and success in life. Their relationships suffer and their relationship with themselves is never quite satisfactory. They experience self-esteem and confidence problems. They may have sleep disorders, drug or alcohol dependence, sexual problems, the inability to follow through on projects or pursue interests and work, or not being motivated to make changes. Also, they often stay too long in relationships that are unhealthy and have other difficulties in life.

Many of Elaine’s clients are often surprised that the issues they thought were resolved in previous therapies are actually the issues that bring them to Elaine.

Whether it is an eating disorder, weight problem, smoking, alcohol or physical illness, when they come to her to overcome any negative behavior, it is often that childhood or other traumatizing life experiences have prevented success and/ or happiness. Elaine Knows that unless these issues are resolved within the deepest levels of mind, no permanent change can occur, and even temporary change may be difficult to accomplish.

There is always a driving force behind all of our behaviors.

Whatever forces are at work within each individual that are causing dissatisfaction or discomfort, these “weeds of life” must be dug up at the root, removed and replaced with positive seeds and energies that are directed for the total good of the individual. Elaine clears and prepares the inner ground for change, seeds it with healthy ideas as associations; she guides her clients through a complete healing process, facilitates positive new growth and development. She helps the new positive state of well-being take root and nurtures her clients to achieve wholeness and fulfillment. You can live happily ever after just like those other people Elaine has helped heal.

Elaine may recommend her Mind Mastery home study program.

This mind training program teaches you how to be in control of your mind body emotions and behaviors. It is a wonderfully supportive adjunct to the whole therapeutic process. It creates a solid foundation and structure for change and immediately gives a sense of personal power and control. It provides life skills and much more.