Dr. Elaine Kissel Can Help You

Elaine knows the suffering and she knows how to end it. She has developed techniques for you to get back in control of your life and live it confidently.

Hypnotherapy is an ideal modality of treatment for you because it provides the kind of relief that is naturally healing, and facilitates change on deeper levels of mind more quickly.

With Elaine’s help you develop new positive ideas and associations with what once caused you great discomfort.

What Clients Say

*”It has been that most rewarding experience of my life. It’s wonderful to live my life free of alcohol and all the problems it created in my life. My relationships are so much better. I’ve re-earned the trust of my loved ones.”

– Steve M.P.

*”This is the best money I ever spent and I got so much more from my program than I ever imagined possible. My addiction caused so much pain for everyone in my life. Now I’m a healthy productive person and my family are proud of me again.”

– Bonnie J.

Whole Mind Hypnotherapy for Addictions


What is different about Elaine Kissel’s treatment of alcohol and other addiction problems? Many things!

Elaine Kissel’s approach to the treatment of alcohol and drug problems is both comprehensive and in depth. It is unique in that is based on the needs of the individual, not on standard models and methods that treat people as though they are all the same. Plus Elaine Kissel employs hypnosis in highly specialized and exclusive ways and uses many other incredibly effective techniques to assure her clients receive the best help available. It does not employ the 12-step AA approach. Elaine empowers her clients, gives them proven tools and helps them become independently in control. They no longer desire alcohol or have the chemical need for alcohol or drugs.  Also, the private one-on-one sessions rather than group allows each person the opportunity of having Elaine’s full attention to their own specific needs. Elaine Kissel provides hypnotherapy for additions to drugs and alcohol that really work. The root causes for the problem are being dealt with while eliminating the chemical, physical and emotional needs for alcohol or drugs. The root causes of the issues are resolved on the deepest levels of consciousness while the individual is aided to withdraw confortably from the substance.

Dr. Kissel also teaches her clients her exclusive “Mind Mastery” a powerful mind training course that gives them coping skills and many other methods to get in control for themselves. She also teaches them self hypnosis and how to use it effectively. It is a wonderful tool to employ in every aspect of life.

Some people recognize they’re in trouble with alcohol, medications for pain relief and opiates etc. Many do not.

Others who are addicted often don’t want to admit they have a problem and cannot imagine living a life without being able to drink alcohol or use drugs. However, deep down inside they know they need help. When they know there is the kind of therapy that truly empowers them to live and enjoy life without alcohol, drugs, opiates etc they are relieved and engaged in the process willingly. Many have tried institutional help via rehab programs and meetings with other alcoholics, and when they return to society they immediately go back to drinking. They have not been given the coping skills to deal with life, their issues are not resolved, nor are all the complex elements of their addiction eliminated, therefore they still have the desire to drink or use the substance. Elaine Kissel changes all that for them!

Although her work with you will be one-on-one, where appropriate family members are invited to participate in the process. With your consent, family members may provide important input relevant to your therapy. They will learn from Elaine how to support you in the best possible ways. In fact, Elaine will do all her power to help you achieve complete independence from alcohol or any substance, even habitual behavioral issues.

The program she creates just for you will include insight gathering, guidance, support, nurturing, counseling, problem-solving, motivational inspiration as well as her exclusive behavior modification methods, Mind Mastery and self-hypnosis training. She digs up the root of the addiction and makes sure the psychic ground is set so they cannot take seed ever again, and frees you from their physical mental and emotional influence forever. You will have a recording of each of the inductions Elaine does for you plus other take-home support systems to assure your success. She is 7/24 for her clients, too. She will give you the tools to make change an exciting and rewarding experience and one that is easy and as comfortable as humanly possible.

The Elaine Kissel Advantage – Hypnotherapy for Addictions

One of the advantages of working with Elaine Kissel to eliminate the use of alcohol and/or drugs is her vast and the remarkable success rate of her methods compared to the common standardized and traditional methodologies. What’s more, people who have been involved with AA, within or outside of treatment centers without success are able to relate to Elaine’s approach and are much more comfortable with the processes Elaine creates for them. With the proper and creative use of hypnosis and other techniques Elaine has developed there are usually no withdrawal symptoms and you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease with which you become substance free. You’ll also learn how to deal with stress and your emotions more positively and comfortably as well. You will also learn to deal with other people’s attitudes and responses towards you positively, and the changes you’re making in your life.

Therapeutic Strategy

The therapeutic strategy for the alleviation of alcohol and other addiction problems is based on individual needs and always with respect for confidentiality and personalized guidance and support. It is a process that once engaged in with genuine commitment brings about positive changes in every aspect of your being and your life. Elaine’s methodology is not only a comfortable and natural process, it gives you the life skills and tools for independent control for yourself for the rest of your life.

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