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Dr. Elaine Kissel Ph.D. – Hypnotherapist

Dr. Kissel’s Whole Mind Hypnotherapy© is proprietary and contains unique approaches she has innovated to assure success for her clients. It includes time-proven methodologies as well as creative processes based on client needs that get results when all else has failed; Dr. Kissel does not use standardized or prescripted techniques employed by other hypnotists. She includes counseling, guidance, nurturing, support, and whatever is needed to assure your success.

About Dr. Elaine Kissel

Elaine Kissel was born in London, England, and received the major portion of her education there. Elaine studied psychology, parapsychology, the mind-brain sciences, and hypnosis for many years before establishing her hypnotherapy practice, which by the early ’80s was a successful and renowned service that exceeded conventional methodology and was soon universally recognized and held in high esteem.

Elaine endeavored to enhance the reputation and application of hypnosis within and outside the profession, developing her unique and proven effective Whole Mind Hypnotherapy processes to broaden the scope of how hypnosis could be used to achieve remarkable unparalleled results.

She has a PhD in hypnotherapy and almost 43 years of clinical practice. She is the creator of many unique programs and processes to enhance the effectiveness of hypnosis. She has written many articles published in magazines and newspapers, and many journalists have written articles about her unique and compressive approaches. Her blogs have brought insight and awareness to countless readers. She created and conducted workshops and seminars for professional as well as nonprofessionals in order to bring to their awareness and use of their innate potentials. She researched and taught psychic development courses, and her Mind Mastery course, her Weight Control Seminar and her books, The Mind Is Willing, Set Backs and Come Backs, and The Addiction Dilemma and Solutions have positively changed the lives of thousands of people.

Elaine’s knowledge of the mind-body connection, as well as the conscious and subconscious relationship, and how they interact, enables her to bring about positive permanent changes, naturally. Her Whole Mind  Hypnotherapy© methods are created for each individual, no standardized or prescript hypnosis. She gets to the root causes of every client’s issues and resolves them completely and permanently.

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Whole Mind Hypnotherapy©

During the all-important and necessary evaluation, I will learn what is the best hypnotherapeutic approach for you and how much hypnotherapy you will need. I will design a program for you with the utmost care and consideration for you as an individual, and for cost-effectiveness; also to include all viable, natural techniques in order for you to achieve your goals as quickly and comfortably as possible.Your individualized Whole Mind Hypnotherapy© process includes workbooks (when applicable), recordings of each hypnotic induction, self-hypnosis training, the self-hypnosis support system, along with education about hypnosis you will be taught how to be a good hypnotic subject and how to support the hypnotherapeutic process.Your sessions will include insight gathering, problem-solving, guidance, support, counseling, nurturing, and whatever else it takes to assure your success easily and naturally. Once you are her client you have Dr. Kissel’s total commitment to you and your success. She will be there for you as needed to assist you in making changes comfortably. You may call her or email her when you need some extra help between sessions.