During a session with a client this week, he reported “…the  powerful transformational impact of Mind Mastery on my life.”

What is so interesting about this is not that it’s unusual for me to hear this, but that the word “transformation” to describe experiences has come up so often this week, from various sources inside and outside of my therapy room.

For example, reading blogs, i.e. one by Dale Sparage*, a brilliant photographer  who shared the “transformational experience’ she had recently amid nature while jogging in the countryside. It was synchronous with an experience that a client and I had during an afternoon session (also this week) when a beautiful buck deer dined on the  apples fallen from the tree outside my therapy room window. We had just been talking about the link in the chain of command for Mind Mastery: Living in the Now, which, among many other benefits, enables us to fully value our moment by moment living, and how that can be a transforming experience. Sharing that moment resulted in our talking about how so many of those rare and beautiful moments in our lives would otherwise be glossed over by our conscious inattention if we didn’t consciously honor them. I explained that I use my Mind Mastery to take mental photographs or recordings of special scenes so that I can call them up any time I want to.


That way those moments are never lost to me.




That we can be transformed by a uniquely beautiful moment is well noted; we can also be transformed in myriad positive ways by being aware of our moment by moment experience throughout our days. This needs to be acknowledged for us to appreciate fully that every moment of our lives counts and is an opportunity to feel more fully alive. For just as our hearts are enlarged by the awe we feel being close to nature and all its wonders, we can also be enlarged and transformed by conscious awareness of what might otherwise be construed as a mundane moment: By our attention to it, our awareness of its significance and meaningfulness for us adds new and enlightening dimensions to otherwise ordinary every day life, and improves the quality of our lives.

What does being transformed mean to you?

As you answer that question perhaps you will find yourself reaching back into time and  recalling those moments in which you have been moved to another level of awareness, or new kind of knowing about yourself and your life or your world. It might have been that you were uplifted emotionally or spiritually. Or simply that you had a feeling that you could never be quite the same after this experience because you grew somehow.

Being transformed in our attitudes, self concepts, levels of self awareness; of self in relationship to others often  leaves us with a sense of wonder.

All the work we do within ourselves is always transformational; enlarging our sense of self, changing, becoming stronger, learning to trust our selves, to honor our selves and take more loving care of ourselves; and  healing from deep within: These changes are about transforming our experience of ourselves and our lives through being relieved in some way , whether it is of physical mental or emotional pain, or getting in control for ourselves, changing behaviors etc. we have shifted from one state of being to another.

We are always in the process of being transformed by our experiences and how we respond to them. When we are consciously deliberately open to the process of transformation it can still happen quite spontaneously: Such as when we discover something about ourselves from within ourselves that enables us to move more quickly toward healing. Or when we discover our personal power and no longer feel like a victim.

Therapy  of every kind is really to facilitate a transformation from a troubled state of being to a state of inner peace; to heal and make whole. hypnotherpy is a way to not only to expedite this process; it enables us to do so from the deepest levels of consciousness using the resources of the subconscious to aid us in our endeavors.

People enter a therapeutic process for many reasons. Regardless of the original goal and the joy of achieving it is an added ideal outcome, an extra added benefit in every case. And that is to be transformed into a human being with a true concept of his or her personal of power. To me, because of the years of experience I have had working with thousands of people I have come think of transformational work as helping people find their true essence and becoming whole and complete; so that their conscious and subconscious are working in harmony which leads to wholesome positive control for themselves.

Because people come to me seeking change, seeking peace of mind and heart, seeking to be better, to feel and do better in some way, it is my role to remind them achieve their personal goals; it is always a transformation experience for them to discover that I use their own inner resources to help them accomplish their goals.

Yes, there is a spiritual element in all forms of transformation.  It is probably our spirit as much as a psychological need that moves us to transform ourselves in some way. It is also instinct for self preservation and self actualization that guides us into transformational processes, and it is also our subconscious that nudges us in the direction of self awareness and self realization: For our subconscious is always seeking our attention to our inner selves, to the truths and wisdom is holds within it for us; and inviting us to employ its resources and abilities to help is. We are transformed in the most positive and profound ways when we discover that we can have a good working relationship with our brilliant subconscious and therefore achieve what we aspire to more naturally and comfortably.

Spiritual transformation to some means to transcend the ordinary: to have a greater sense of our connection with nature and with others with whom we share our lives, and even our universe; to have a sense of ourselves as whole and wonderful beings.

However, keep in mind we are inevitably and immediately transformed for the better and to a large degree when we simply make the decision to make positive changes, or to become more attuned our inner and outer beauty, to the world, and those with whom we share it.

Take care of yourself, TTFN From Elaine Kissel.