Have you ever thought about the role size plays when it comes to the power, significance and/or importance, or even the value of… well, anything?  I am referring here to objects, not the measurements of people. Although big doesn’t always mean powerful when it comes to people either, right?

Take for example the Jump drive we simply plug into a computer and the incredible number of bits of information it can transport. When my husband suggested we put my Mind Mastery course on USB for home study students, I was incredulous. How could you get four (nearly two hour long) video course lessons, the 52 page workbook and two audio CDs on that little gizmo and there still be room for so much more? And, I wondered, would people be able to perceive its enormous value in so small a package? Apparently so, because now that we give people the choice of the course on USB or DVD they mostly choose the tiny gadget.

They are used to small containing it all!

So why on earth would I be so surprised? After all, computers, cell phones, I-pods, and lap tops and other electronic devices are not only getting smaller, but do more and more and some cost what I consider to be a huge amount of money. I think it is because at times I am unable to comprehend just how this amazing technology actually works. It’s rather like, for me, anyway, the same as when I see a 747 on the ground or in flight, even though I fully understand the laws or aerodynamics, I still experience a sense of wonderment. Some things I cannot wrap my mind around!

But then I know most people cannot comprehend the enormous amounts of information stored in, and the capabilities of our three pound  human brains. And few know that the more we learn the more the brain grows to provide more capacity for leaning. Also like my computer, (or the other way around) it is capable of far more than I will ever ask it to do. People tend to forget that it is this relatively small biological masterpiece of engineering we call the human brain that creates all these technological advances we so unquestioningly accept into our lives.

Oh I know the technology isn’t always reliable, and so often frustrating that at times I think I’d be happy to go back to “the old day’s ways.”

Then I think again and realize that although it is a love hate relationship I have with computers, attempting to live and work in this day and age without them would be rather difficult, and in some ways impossible. This blog wouldn’t be possible without a computer, the internet etc. staying constantly and often immediately in touch with my friends, family and clients would not be possible; although telephone service used to allow that, but not so affordably.

Whereas I was always marveling about how pictures could be transported from one place to another via airways and arrive on TV screens in our homes, now I must do my best to comprehend  how cyber space is full of trillions of bits of info flying to and fro to form readable data onto paper and computer screens.

Can you help but wonder?

The fact of faxes, and everything we are able to conjure up on our TVs and computer screens, and all of the wizardry we are able to perform with the touch of a few keys, even with a relative amount of knowledge of how it’s accomplished, it’s taken way too much for granted, I think.

I do my best to regularly give thanks and express my grateful appreciation for all the wonders of nature and what brilliant and creative human beings have achieved to make our lives better; even though I can hardly comprehend all of their workings.

However, while focusing on the wonders of small and amazing gizmos, I must not forget that large size for some things and for some people is important and desirable and in many cases necessary. The bigger the better is still believed by many.  I.E. TV screens, some home appliances and homes they are placed in as well. Big automobiles, like SUV’s are still on the road, and big boats and big everything are in when it comes to demonstrating wealth and status. The biggest telescopes enable us to look deeper into the universe, and big weapons give some people a greater sense of security.

However,  small often provides equally massive amounts of service.

The size of the human heart for example:  It, like the brain, is also relatively small compared to our body size, yet this amazing organ continually pumps life through our bodies, and works harder than most of us do every day. And when we speak of a big-hearted person we are referring to the size of their lovingness’ and their generosity; for their heart’s actual size is, when healthy, the same as those who are less giving and caring.

For me, size is as size does.  So when I think about the matters of size, relative to function, I think of the bumble bee.  This tiny creature is vitally important to our earth’s balance and even its survival, and yet it defies sciences ability to explain its remarkable abilities.  According to the laws of aerodynamics, and wind tunnel experiments, a bumble bee’s body size and weight relative to its very small wing size shape and span makes it impossible for it to fly; yet it flies and makes plenty of honey every day.

I have often reminded my clients and students of how bumble bees symbolize that the impossible is merely a concept, and we ought to be more like the bumble bee, and not allow sciences lack of knowledge, or the unknown and unexplainable to determine our potential, or what we can contribute to the world and others.

So often a little goes a very long way, and does big things.

The whole point here is that size has very little to do with capability, worth and power and what can be accomplished: Small wonder that with even a little knowledge and awareness of our innate powers we are able to accomplish great things.

So the next time you use your cell phone, or even while you are reading this, stop and think … put it into perspective: Can you comprehend the size of your computer  or cell phone relative to the universe of information and tools for self expression it provides you,? Can you comprehend how your mind/brain does whatever you require them to in a nano second, and can do even more?

Can you wrap your mind around it?

If you can, let me know.

TTFN and all the best, always, from Elaine Kissel

PS . Never let yourself lose your sense of wonderment, for no matter what level your knowledge and understanding, there are always mysteries yet to be solved about it all, and after all,  it is the mysteries of life and nature that  keeps us intruiged and seeking.