I have a client who writes a great deal of poetry, and has shared many of his cute and sometimes profound creations with me. He has reminded me, with his excellent ability to rhyme that poetry expresses thoughts with a rhythm that resonates beyond what words by themselves could say. I’m not a poet, although years ago I did write many poems; they are filed along with many short stories I wrote and never bothered to have published. When I won prizes in school they always gave me poetry books, and I still get them for gifts: Thank you all.  I’ve always loved classical poetry. Lines from Browning, Wordsworth, Longfellow, Blake’s, and others still echo in my mind at times. When I was a little girl I memorized whole poems including Hiawatha and The Pied Piper of Hamlin. I recited them fluently and with appropriate expression in front of class and for others who liked to listen. I’m not sure if it was to marvel at my memory, or the brilliance of the author’s ability to tell a story in that wonderful way. I can actually remember many of the poems lines. How’s that for recall?

I haven’t been inspired to write poetry for a long while. Yet somehow my client’s work aroused an inexplicable temptation within me to attempt a holiday poem just for my blog readers. So if you will excuse the rudimentary verse I’ve put together, and forgive the imperfect syntax and/or punctuation, here it is…then there’s one for those who are missing people and other heart warming ingredients in their holiday.

Things that come to mind in rhyme when I think about the holiday season

Merriment, joyful caroling, boxes with ribbons,

mincemeat pies, candy canes and bon bons

Laughter and bells ringing too

I’m ready for Christmas and Hanukkah, are you?

Trees with lights and shiny ornaments glittering

tinsel silver and gold shimmering

Fireside gatherings enjoying holiday fare

the table set with lavish flare

Many candles are lit, festive food prepared

there’s so much goodness to be shared

All around houses decorated with lights red and green

indoors the finishing touches glow in the scene

The hush of children eagerly waiting

whispering wishes while excitement is mounting

Then quiet ensues as the eve’s essence draws near

the snow has fallen and the night sky is clear

the stars twinkle…is that sleigh bells we hear?

It’s imagination stirring our a hearts with memories dear

of times like this in our yesteryear

The house settles, all are in bed now, fast asleep.

So much giving and receiving for our hearts to keep.

The gift of our togetherness fills our dreams

this is really and truly what it all means.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,  and to all celebrating both religious and other traditional events, may your holidays be blessed  with loving togetherness, the richness and fulfilment of love and caring expressed.

And for those who are perhaps lonely and sad,

please dwell on all the good times you’ve ever had

For there have been many, even just moments in time

to remember just as you do your nursery rhymes

You’ve known love; you’ve smiled and laughed too,

you’ve had good things happen, you know that’s true

Just recalling those times will warm your heart

so gather them in your mind right now, just start…

They’ll fill you with comfort, it’s like going home

with fond memories as companions you’re never alone

So no matter what the season, give yourself good will

There’s time to create good memories, you can still

From today’s and every days sunrise and sunset

you have the moon and the stars, so don’t ever forget

You have inner strength that will get you through,

be your own best friend and take good care of you.

May the coming year bring with it all that you need for peace of mind and heart.

Sincerely, all the best, always TTFN

  from Elaine Kissel