A Blog : a web log of an individual’s thoughts, experiences, opinions and ideas etc. I am told it is a sort of journaling: A way of sharing, a way of gathering people together in front of a computer screen through which friends and would be friends can interact through cyberspace.

So in launching my blog I find myself thinking of what would be of interest to those who log on to read or see and hear what I have to say. I ask myself; and how could any of my daily, weekly or monthly musings give you reason to log on? And what am I willing to share about myself and my life?

I am willing to give you the benefit of my 35 years of working with thousands of people in my hypnotherapy practice; blog it if I can, in a nutshell. I am willing to tell you how I have mastered a challenge in the hope it will help you do the same. I am willing to share how I have grown from an experience that I thought I would have shrunk from.

However, quite frankly I find myself hesitating to share deeply personal things as I have seen other bloggers do. I am inherently a private person, some say because I have the British reserve; although I do share, when relevant to the therapeutic process, the value of my own personal experiences. And it isn’t that my life and work aren’t wonderfully interesting; in fact they are, very much so; actually some days are full of drama and intrigue and often include some awesome experiences. I have written some Reflections on a recent one on my website (www.elainekissel.com).

You see I have always thought of a diary or a journal as a book with a lock on it and kept in a safe place, hidden from all possible invasions of privacy: A deeply personal letting out of the contents of one’s psyche, a sort of cathartic as well as an opportunity to better know ourselves and how we evolve over time through openly honest written expression. I am fully aware though, that once a blog is broadcast, what would otherwise be a private dairy, an intimate chronicle, would not remain so.

“Honestly, do you really want to know that much about me and what goes on in my head or my life?” After all I am not a figure of paparazzi interest like a movie star or royalty. And, I ask myself, “Am I vain enough to think that my life and what I have to say is so interesting that you would want to know?” Yes, I have written a book, THE MIND IS WILLING, and I have helped thousands of people with MY WHOLE MIND HYPNOTHERAPY, my MIND MASTERY course and WEIGHT CONTROL seminar. But I have not yet been invited on the Oprah Winfrey show!

So now I ask you this question: “What do you expect to find when you go to my blog?” Please tell me before I expound needlessly!

However, now that I come to think about it, my sense of what would work better for all of us is for you to ask me questions: With the understanding of course that I am free to graciously decline an answer if it intrudes on my privacy in any way.

So this is an invitation to Ask Dr. Kissel, my Q & A blog. I look forward to hearing from you!