Would you agree  that almost every day of our lives holds within it moments to hold dear in our memories, and  every month of the year brings with it certain dates that have special meanings for us, either personally or within society in general?

We, my husband Don and I have accumulated so many special dates to mark on the calendar, sometimes it’s a challenge to keep track of them and follow through with our best intentions to send cards and gifts on time. Just on my side alone I have five siblings; all of whom I do my best to send birthday wishes. From our four children we  now have seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, and one on the way.  It’s wonderful,  especially on their birthdays to make a point to sit and recall as much as possible about their births and the years of theirs and our intertwined in lives. One of my favorite occupations is to choose a time and place and a person to meditate on; birthdays and anniversaries  are good times for that endeavor. It’s one of the most satisfying meditations. May I suggest you do it too, as it offers many therapuetic benefits.

For my husband Don and I, May and June this year have special significance. Don celebrated his 75th birthday  in May and in June we celebrate our 55 years of being Mr. and Mrs. Kissel.

It is mind-boggling to comprehend that 55 years have passed since we made that commitment, vowing to be there lovingly for each other, always. That we are now in another century and that we have been together for more than half century is indeed mind-boggling!

How is that possible? And yet it would be impossible to have gone through so much and to have witnessed and experienced all we have in a shorter period of time. Those years have been full of whatever good and not so good life sought fit to throw in our paths; some things that at the time we were not even sure we could come through in one piece! Yet here we are, still together, because we did it together. We are wiser and stronger, of course. Being very young when we married I think was an advantage, at least in our case. We grew up and grew together. Our story is one for the books, I am told by those who know something of our history: The ups and downs and the traumas and tragedies, trials and tribulations, the gains and the losses, the achievements and what they cost in blood sweat and tears. A true odyssey we might say!

“You should write a book about your life,” people have said to me: “Think what all of your varied experience has taught you and could teach others, even inspire them,” they say.

I did write The Mind Is Willing, including  in the forward how my Mind Mastery course evolved through my personal experience. In that book I share how I developed the healthy working relatonship with my subconcious  that saved my life  and how I achieved responsible positve conscious control for myself and my life. I  explain how my readers can develop the same life skills.

But I won’t write  my life story. It might read like fiction; and anyway it could take another 50 plus years to do so even if I could only recall and tell some of it!  And I am too busy living my life now to write about it. Not that I never reminisce with Don about days gone by, or spend some time on my own reflecting on my life, past and present; for those  times for reflection on those experiences are as precious as having had them in the first place. However, they have their place in time and context, and right now I am focusing on the life we have built together and enjoying being with the same amazing man who I met when I was only 17. And it’s only natural  of course, that on that special day for us to  spend some time enjoying going over our memories together, laughing and perhaps shedding some tears, and feeling very fortunate to still have each other.

One thing I can share about what I’ve learned from my life  expereince is this: Good memories are like buoys on the rough seas of life. They keep you afloat when it seems life is trying to sink you. So I recommend that you hold onto all of your good memories, keep them fresh in your mind so that they are ready to comfort and uplift you when you need them to. Or think of them as blossoms that you can easily pick at will from  life’s garden and enjoy their everlasting  beauty.

While we are l celebrating, we wish you many things to celebrate in your own life and the lovely quiet and peaceful times to reflect on them.

TTFN , all the best, always, from Elaine Kissel.