…. anyone can get them.

Have you ever, when writing something down questioned the spelling of a word you have spelled correctly so many times before? Have you noticed that once you question something that way no matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem right? It could be about anything; i.e. when I questioned if I’d written the correct weight of the human adult brain for my last blog; even though I have written and lectured on the brain and included this fact without hesitation so many times before, I had to verify it before I could go forward.

Do you know the reason for those strange kinds of mental hiccups?

The fact is that once your conscious mind offers the merest suggestions of a challenge about anything you have learned to do that you do automatically, even a relatively minor thing such as spelling a word, your subconscious cannot proceed with its “programmed” processes. We have in essence caused a system malfunction!

It turned out I was correct, however, it proved once again the power of the conscious mind to interfere with subconscious processes.

The reason is because if you interfere with the subconscious when it’s processing and about to act on automatic it hesitates and waits for your conscious mind to decide.

Think about what that could mean to you if you want to break through unwanted or negative mental processes or behaviors.

Now, when it comes to the wonderful things your subconscious does for you 7-24 automatically without your conscious involvement, you not only ought to be greatly appreciative, you need to be careful not to get in its way, unless you have carefully considered the consequences and choose to ( literally)  change your mind.

Most people don’t realize how they run interference on many of the subconscious processes that are in their favor, and not enough on those things that are detrimental to their health and well being.

For example: The mind, body and emotions are actually programmed by nature to heal. The subconscious normally works in harmony with nature instinctively and even more so when encouraged to do so.  Yet all too often the conscious mind gives the subconscious input that prevents delays or makes it difficult for the subconscious to enable or facilitate the healing. As in the case of one of my clients; she had reiterated her doctor’s diagnosis over and over again that her condition was genetic and incurable; therefore no healing was ever going to happen as long as she continued to reinforce that message. However, once she learned the power of her mind to change belief systems attitudes and thoughts, and to facilitate, promote and support healing consciously, her condition improved radically. Her doctor was amazed at her remarkable recovery; I wasn’t. I have helped clients accomplish what they thought was impossible for more than 35 years now. It requires a total re-education about their subconscious and how it works, its language systems, and its relationship with their conscious mind, and how to consciously work with them in more positive and effective ways.

Your subconscious is always listening to your conscious mind; even though in naiveté or ignorance your conscious mind directs your subconscious about what to and what not to do. Your subconscious will use or not use its powerful resources based on your conscious mind’s determinations, whether or not you are consciously aware of the power you wield, and how you wield it.

The glitches we create for our subconscious can be good or not so good; when we understand more about how the subconscious works with the conscious mind, and by being aware of the awesome power of our conscious minds to determine what we will experience, we can guide our subconscious to use its resources for us more positively.

For example:  One man who read my book, The Mind Is Willing, emailed me recently to say that since employing what the book taught he had overcome the annoying and career inhibiting habit of consciously doubting the value of his every creative idea, and was now enjoying recognition for solving engineering problems for his firm.

We all need to learn how to master our conscious processes in order to achieve more positive mastery of our subconscious powers. That’s what I learned through my own self healing process many years ago to negate a prognosis of death within six months, and that’s how my Mind Mastery course began and has evolved: although obviously a simple question such as, is that correct? can still get in my subconscious way of doing what it has learned to do automatically for me.  Mind Mastery doesn’t make me perfect; it makes me more aware of the control I have for myself, and how, even after all these years (about 45) I can inadvertently cause a glitch for my subconscious. And yes, the adult human brain is about three pounds, and the mind is capable of making changes to that all powerful organ too. It’s called neuro- plasticity. Maybe another blog’s subject.

TTFN and all the best, always from Elaine Kissel