I wish, geez… how often do I hear that phrase? I hear myself think it often and I even hope and pray as well for peace on earth, good will among all people of every race color and creed… for the end of all wars… the end of pain and suffering and for freeing the innocent… the end of all forms of cruelty to humans and animals… for the end of poverty… for the prevention and/or cures of all disease and illnesses… I wish that everyone drive safely…that people demonstrate their love and caring while they can… for success for those who seek to be the best they can be and do their best to make this a better world for all.

This is the time of year when good wishes for our fellow beings are expressed on greetings cards and are included in almost every farewell:  “I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year,”  “Have a lovely holiday season,” etc. Good will seems to abound, I wish it were not only seasonal.

However, no matter how passionately I wish, I know better than to believe that my wishes will make it so. I also know while I’m wishing for certain outcomes in many cases others are wishing for opposite ones (and many are definitely actively striving to accomplish conflicting goals). So whose wishes will be granted?

Not to worry! I doubt that the creator of the universe and all life is listening to wishes and granting them. And as I teach my clients and students of Mind Mastery, your subconscious has no sense of obligation to do anything to grant your wishes. It does however have the blessed obligation to facilitate you acting on your best intentions. Your subconscious acts on directives from your conscious mind, so it’s only with your conscious determination that you have your subconscious cooperation.

We can of course turn wishes into intentions and intentions into action when we determine that only action will grant what we wish for.

And as for hoping things will get better for you and the world and all in it, the problem is that hope springs eternal, and in my estimation, hope is a religious form of wishing. We only hope when we feel powerless and at the mercy of the powers that be.

No doubt some people’s prayers are answered. However, I am a firm believer that God helps those who help themselves. So I personally pray only for those things that are not in my personal power to bring about, or when I need some help from greater powers than I possess (whatever they are) to achieve my aims. You see you and I have already been given the gifts of personal power and all the necessary positive resources to live well, be well and do well and therefore the ability to influence our desired outcomes; and we have free will to create our own destiny. We can also positively change the conditions and destiny of our fellow human beings when we choose to employ our personal gifts and powers to help them.

All you need came as gifts in the package of you, from your birth; you have been using your gifts positively and many times unfortunately negatively, no matter how naively or in ignorance of how and why. You could learn to use them more positively consistently if you choose to though. The knowledge and tools are available.

It’s nice to know that others wish us well; their holiday greetings and loving prayers for us are appreciated as are their hopes for our happy healthy prosperous New Year.  Don and I send out the traditional messages with genuine caring, and reciprocate all those good wishes we receive from friends, clients, and family and my blog readers for the holiday season. We will do our best to make them all come true. I also hope you will do your best to make what you sincerely wish and pray for a reality, using the gifts already given, for they are inherent in your humanness.

While you are doing your annual holiday wishing for others and for gifts that will come to you in brightly colored and packages, tied with satin ribbons and decorated with bows; while you are hoping and praying for what your heart desires for yourself your loved ones and for the world, remember to be grateful for and be sure to employ the gifts already given to you simply for being a human being.

So while opening your packages this year, may I suggest you open your mind and heart to those gifts you have within yourself you have not yet opened: Your potential for positive change and self actualization, for employing your personal power positively for yourself and others. For an unopened or unused gift cannot be fully appreciated,otheriwse its value will never be known, and the giver’s intent not appropriately honored.

All the best, always, from Elaine Kissel

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