I’m on the air again.

Getting the word out is easy in today’s media rich world. In fact, we are inundated through the airways and cable with information, some important and relative to our lives and a lot of no relevance to us personally at all. I just wish it was all reliably accurate, don’t you?

And there’s another negative side to the media reports and stories: Many are about happenings that are either none of our business or concern yet provoke unsettled feelings even anxiety and depression; for that reason I often suggest to my clients to take a vacation from watching the news and reading the newspapers. They are never going to be poorly informed as a result. Just less stressed.

And if everyone were to be more consciously aware that they are getting perspectives influenced by editorial departments political agendas and otherwise mainly interested in getting your attention to keep advertisers happy. They may incite your interest, and could possibly incite riots as well.

They leave out what they don’t want you to know, did you know that? I know that for a fact; my experience working as an editor and a free-lance writer taught me that no matter how well researched and unbiased my copy, my managing editor and publisher would often choose to delete from a story what they didn’t agree with, or was opposing their political affiliations.

Are you getting the facts? How can you be sure?

The problem is most people don’t know how to discern fact and accuracy, so they can be easily misled and misinformed. The scariest thing is that people base opinions and decisions on this “stuff.” A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing: wrong information even more so.

If we take just one subject, hypnosis as an example, we have on going publication and word of mouth misrepresentation of this complex and often misunderstood phenomenon; unfortunately as a result in the age of information hypnosis suffers from as much ignorance as it has for over a hundred years. The internet and other media propagate so many misconceptions that much of my time is spent re-educating people so they know the facts versus fictions. It isn’t smart to speak knowingly about any subject without being adequately informed. Nor is it wise embark on a hypnotherpuetic process without having a proper education about it and what to and what not to expect from it. For not only does the hypnotist have a responsibility to correctly inform his or her client, the client does far better when properly prepared, for then unreasonable expectations are dispensed with and the experience is approached with more comfort. It’s the first thing I do for my clients before I do any hypnosis, and my website provides facts and answers to the most common questions, and I have a lecture available for those who want to be better educated on the subject. It will be on my new website, scheduled to be unveiled very soon. That’s another place where you can get accurate information about whatever concerns you. www.elainekissel.com

It’s not only misinformation about hypnosis though that gets into the press and other media, because so much that’s published and spread about in other ways about the mind and brain and the subconscious is erroneous. Sometimes I’m amused, even bemused by what I hear people say; their information is based on having seen a TV show, or what they’ve read on the internet. After 50 plus years of study in the field, having done a huge amount of research and experimentation, and 38 plus years of clinical practice, I can safely say I’m an expert with ever more to learn because new studies of mind and brain update me on new findings, and I make exciting new discoveries every day working with my clients; they are all like great books, full of life and learning.

So, when I was asked by Penny Golden of Body Mind Spirit to do a radio program, I agreed. It’s my opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with another audience. Plus I’m planning to make it as much your program as my own by answering your questions live and giving you reliable and accurate information about your mind and brain, your mind-body relationship, the relationship between your conscious and subconscious, about dreams, about parapsychology, and natural healing. I’ll be sharing case histories that illustrate the use of mind power and I’ll be offering you tools to be better at being you and how to be all you aspire to.

I did a radio program many years ago, long before cell phones, internet etc. and I put the radio station WCAR on the map because I not only informed I entertained and explained, I introduced people to their latent abilities and also brought in other experts for interviews on every subject related to mind and brain. I will do the same starting Oct 1st . So be there, with me.

Also check into my Youtube channel. Same facts and reliable information you can use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUsnPZfIV70

Here is the link to the program scheduled to that will introduce me to listeners on Sept 24th at 10 AM https://www.blogtalkradio.com/bodymindspiritradio/2012/09/24/introducing-elaine-kissel

click on it and it will take you directly to the program LIVE or archive. You are also encouraged to listen via your phone by calling 646-378-0378.

There’s a different link for my actual show airing Mon Oct 1 at 11 AM to noon.


So tune in , I’ll be listening for you too.

TTFN from Elaine Kissel