News year’s resolutions – making positive changes.

This is not just a seasonal subject. All year-long people think about shedding that extra weight, and like those who smoke or have other negative or self limiting habits plan sooner or later to do something about it. It’s this time of year though, they promise themselves that starting in the New Year they will buckle down and make those positive changes.

It’s called making New Year’s Resolutions.

How many times have you, or someone you know resolved to make changes, and somewhere along the way drifted from the path? What’s the reason? There are many reasons actually, and usually it’s not because you or they weren’t doing their best. It’s more complicated than that. We are complex beings with complex motivations, wishes, needs, desires and individual psychological styles internal external lives. I’d like to simplify the process for you; however there isn’t one thing alone that assures success; although there are some fundamental elements that once in place will provide you with the best opportunity to achieve you goals. I’ll outline them for you they are not tips, they are must do’s if you are going to succeeded in 2011, or any time you decide to make positive changes. I’m giving you these  Free of charge taken directly (in very brief form) from my more than 37 years of hypnotherapy practice, my four-week Mind Mastery Course and my Weight Control Seminar. Apply them and you’ll know the whys and wherefores of past failures and successes too.

One: Create a foundation and a structure for change; this is essential. By foundation I mean rebuilding your new behaviors from a place of inner strength; not just by being resolute, also having a true sense of your personal power. The foundation needs to consist of the right attitude, belief inyourself, a sense of responsibility to and for yourself and your goals. It’s also about preparing yourself properly, like when planning for a journey, mapping out your path so you know the route, packing carefully so you’ll have with you what you need; and being ready to deal with the inevitable detours, knowing they will take some time to get around. Having realistic expectations is vitally important, that is, knowing change requires persistence, consistency, energy, patience, attention and the realization you are undoing and doing at the same time.  So, be patient with your self. With that basis solidly formed within you, you will be less likely to waver when the going gets tough. And structure is having or creating within yourself the necessary psychological framework, including developing knowledge of and the ability to access and apply the appropriate resources you have within you and those available to you from the external world. With that basis solidly formed within you, you will be less likely to waver when the going gets tough.

Two:   Get a handle on the tools you need to work within yourself and in the world around you in the most positive ways. That includes dealing with stress effectively, because stress of every kind is a  distracter  and detractor on the path of positive change; if you don’t know how to handle it well it can derail you. The right tools will enable you to deal well with those inevitable twists and turns and ups and downs and pot holes along the way without deviating from your path; without those tools it could be quite a struggle, leading to frustration, perhaps even giving up, which results in disappointment and loss of self-esteem, which in turn can lead to losing the confidence to ever go for the goal again.

Three: Keep in mind that all behavior is motivated. The fact is you can have the best of intentions, be consciously motivated, be sincere and make a good start. However, unless you understand your subconscious motives for the behavior you want to change, changing could be difficult to make and even impossible to permeate:  You never form a habit unless you consciously and/or subconsciously have a reason.  I call this the driving force or engine behind all behavior. This powerful energy will pull you in the opposite direction of your intentions, so get to know yourself by putting number four in place.

Four:  get in touch with your subconscious; learn to do good team work with it so it can work for and with you. The relationship you have with your subconscious determines just about everything in your life!  If it’s not harmonious, your life journey will be arduous. Learn to communicate with your brilliant inner self so that it can work with you most effectively, give you insights and understanding as well as help you resolve issues and use its powerful resources to aid you in your endeavors.  If your conscious and subconscious minds are not on the same page, there will be conflict.Because when your conscious rationalizations argue with your intentions your subconscious cannot and will not be able to aid you in your endeavor. 

Five: Willpower won’t do it!  You’ve probably applied your will power to many things in your life. Sometimes you have succeeded, but it’s been like driving with one foot on the accelerator on one foot on the brake.  Free will will do it! Make a clear-cut definite independent choice, so here is a quote from the Mind Mastery Course© and from my book, The Mind Is Willing:  “Decisions energize and activate your freewill and release all of your personal power to go to work for you.”©

All of the above are necessary for you to succeed.

However, before you proceed, here is an important question for you: “Are you really ready? Do you honestly want to make those changes? Or are you doing what you feel you ought to without having a sense of independent inner direction; and do you feel ready willing and able to go the full course, whatever it takes?

I’ve mentioned herein some of the fundamental elements required for change that I bring into my work to help people succeed, hoping you will employ them to accomplish your goals in 2011.  Knowing what it takes and learning how to follow through will assure your success.

Please feel free to email me and let me know how you are doing. I’m always interested in how you are doing and your success.

Have a wonderful holiday season creating joyful and heart warming memories.  I wish you peace of mind and heart,  good health and prosperity in 2011 and success in all of your endeavors, Those are my wishes for you, only you can make them come true.

TTFN and all the best, always, from Elaine Kissel.

P.S. New Year isn’t the only time to make a resolution. Any day, any time is a good time to make positive changes. So no need to wait for a special date. Now is always and forever.