The old saying if you don’t use it you lose it applies to extra sensory perceptions too.

As a parapsychologist with a great deal of experience researching, investigating and experimenting all facets of  normal psychic processes and the paranormal,  I am aware that just like all of our human faculties, ESP is one that needs to be used to develop and to become a part of our daily experience; and somewhat reliable. This has been proven in my own personal and professional life, and when teaching psychic development: For I do employ my ESP, however, not in the same conscious and deliberate formal ways that earned me the reputation years ago of being a “psychic.”

So when had to cancel an engagement because of  “unforeseen circumstances,” a client who knows about my background and experience asked, “How come with all your ESP Dr. Kissel, you didn’t foretell that happening?”

Of course I had to explain to her that ESP is never a hundred percent; nor is it always accurate in every aspect of its occurrences, nor can it always come to consciousness when we need it: I explained that my subconscious has my specific instructions not to bring me information about future events that are unhappy or tragic unless there is anything I can do to stop it. I.E:  a plane crash or someone becoming ill or dying. It serves no useful purpose for me to know things that I cannot control or prevent: As much as I would, as I am sure you would, love to be able to prevent accidents, and make the world a safe and peaceful healthy place for all; alas, I do not have that power.

Also since I have not used ESP as a precognitive tool for so longthat particular ESP muscle has somewhat atrophied I obviously haven’t been practicing what I teach as much as I ought to in that department!  I need to remember what I taught my psychic development students; that is,  to always keep their ESP muscles strong by using them all the time, and not to worry about being wrong sometimes: For no mater how good a psychic is, he or she is never always right.

So I am reminded  to live by my own word, not just in practicing what I teach in Mind Mastery and by using self-hypnosis, (which I do)  also to use all of the natural inner resources at my disposal, in the same way I encourage others.

Not that I expect to be able to predict everything that might impact my life and work or anyone else’s. (If I could I would probably be on Oprah’s or Larry King shows)  But I could at least re-develop certain ESP muscles that served me so well in my personal and professional life in the past; those that I use rather automatically in my professional work now -a -days. I am reminded, too, that when doing ESP and psychic development workshops, my ESP usually comes through strong enough, even if it is only to impress upon other people that it is indeed a natural phenomenon that can be demonstrated and developed and be made good use of. My subconscious works with me and for me whenever I instruct it to, and knows how important it is to be able to show as well as tell.

I long ago taught my subconscious via Mind Mastery techniques and in self-hypnosis to put to use my ESP abilities to help my clients. And it works so well they are often astounded by what they refer to as my amazing intuitions that aid them in our work together; in too many ways to list here.

It is important to explain though, that intuition and ESP are not the same. Intuition is more a combination of instinct and intellect, it occurs when these two psychic processes combine to bring about a sensory advisory. The so-called “gut feeling” so common in people’s lives.  There are almost always some subliminal clues or consciously ignored clues that sponsor intuitive insights. ESP,  though, has no rational inferences to aid the process of knowing something, or sensing something. Unlike intuition which is a sense of something, ESP can come in distinct and often explicit messages, images and even in auditory forms.

Are you comfortable sharing your ESP experiences? I have been hoping that in this day and age wherein people are more open to discussing all kinds of once “taboo” subjects, such as sex, and sharing so many intimate aspects of their lives with others, that this would be true for ESP as well. However people, when starting to share an ESP experience, still do so hesitantly, if at all, with words like, “I know this sounds crazy,” or “I don’t know if you’ll believe this, but…”

Unfortunately, even though anecdotal and scientific evidence abounds for the existence of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognitions and other kinds of Para psychological phenomenon, and the majority of people report having had some kinds of ESP experiences, it is a long way from being considered  by science a  recognized matter of fact occurrence in human life:  Although in JB Rhine’s lab at Duke University in the 30’s ESP was proven via significantly positive results during controlled testing. However, the scientific community at large is determined to remain skeptical, if not absolutely in disbelief; at least publicly. Even though great scientific minds like Einstein’s accepted it, many scientists prefer to keep their  own experiences of ESP and their beliefs in it to themselves. Not just because you can’t  put human experiences under a microscope, also because we cannot consistently replicate every ESP experience to the satisfaction of scientific investigators. ESP doesn’t always perform well in cold, tightly controlled scientific climates.  However, it can perform well enough for you to enjoy its occurrence in your life, and to make some good use of it.

ESP, like sex, an inherent aspect of our humanness.  In early times it was probably as important to our survival and the survival of our species as sex has been: it was  natural and trusted by our early ancestors. as much as all of our other senses were . 

 I also believe that ESP is there to connect us to each other, to all of nature, including animals, and with worlds beyond the visible.

When you let your subconscious know you welcome useful ESP input, and practice using it as you would to build body muscles, it will develop;  then it may surprise you in how it broadens the scope of your life, helps you in your work, and your relationships.

Please feel free to share with me your own ESP experiences, and make the  conscious intention of developing this very useful and fascinating human resource: Because if you don’t use it you will indeed lose it.