Are your conscious and subconscious mind in tune?  I’m not on a soap box here… or am I?

There are so many mixed messages given from just about every conceivable source it’s hard to make sense of so much these days. I certainly don’t envy parents raising children in the information age because information is often conflicting, incomplete, misinformation, misleading and often down right hype or simply someone’s opinion. How do we sort out fact from fiction, truth from lies, conflicting opinions and find irrefutable sources? Experts don’t agree on much of anything… in fact very little when you study the research data provided in journals and other sources, and it’s the experts people turn to for advice and information. Paradox abounds!  Contradictions are common and keep in mind that  there are  assumed facts, believed in facts and actual proven facts . Yet accepting  this  fact of life without challenging how it impacts us is paradoxical to our educated sense right and wrong.

Let’s  first look at one case in particular that deserves more attention, and proves the point here.

While we caution our youth not to take drugs because of the dangers they expose themselves to and the addictive nature of those chemicals, adds paid for by big pharma on TV are boldly selling drugs with smiling actors spelling out the horrible consequences you risk by taking the drug, while at the same time proclaiming the efficacy of the products,  which may or may not be right or work for you anyway.

So how are our youth to interpret warnings against experimenting with drugs, or telling them that it’s all too easy to get into the habit of using them when most of their parents are taking stuff with just a many cautions?

Did you know that the police are legally free to lie?  Yet the public, the people they are paid to and are bound by principle to aid and protect are not allowed to lie to the police; for if they do they are immediately more suspect. If police can lie when questioning someone to try to trick them into some kind of confused response that could incriminate them, or to trick them into making a false confession,  does not a lie to glean the truth aid and abet the miscarriage of justice?  A paradox …no?

The paradox of having your cake and eat it too is promoted by advertisers who appeal to our subconscious ways of processing  (hang in there, I’ll explain in a minute). These methods are more powerful because we live in a country where the American dream, which is really an aspiration,promises we can have it all.  Common sense isn’t common enough … so many people literally buy into offers of free things and end up paying more than what they would normally for what they purchase! The word free ends up costing a lot in most cases; a dichotomy of interests!

The list of paradoxes goes on and on, for the want of time and space here, I leave you to think of all the others that can confound you, leave you to wonder why it is human beings are so willing to tolerate and accept the myriad lies and deceptions that have been legalized and otherwise allowed in a society that is in itself a paradox: For we are governed not by the majority, but the minority… those that create wish lists for us with clever marketing, and by the lobbyists and those who profit one way or another from our complacency, naiveté or ignorance…. all  aided by conscious minds’ that are ignorant of their roles in our lives, and  how the subconscious is  used to by-pass your objectivity and reach  into your wallet.

Now let me explain: One of the most complex and fascinating facts is that two totally opposing  ideas can live  in harmony side by side within the unconscious realm. Dichotomy is acceptable for the subconscious for divergent ideas can both feel quite valid:  because the subconscious does inductive reasoning, while the conscious does deductivereasoning. Now there’s a dichotomy if ever there was one: We have,  you see,  two minds that definitely do not think alike.

The important thing here is to always remember that it’s the conscious mind that is responsible for our  choices and actions, because  it has the  ability to deduce from information the fact or fiction and to determine truth from lie. It’s your conscious mind that is supposed to discern with is powers of objective, rational intellectual capabilities when ideas conflict and what information is contradictory or unreliable; to use practical sense to determine what is valid, and what or what not to act upon. Therein lies the power of the conscious mind.  However, when it leaves too much for the subconscious to decide, the paradox presented  to the subconscious  way of processing does not seem irrational;  so it makes sense of what the conscious mind would not.  If you’ve ever made an irrational decision,  you know how that works.  That’s  one of the reasons we  are susceptible to the  mixed messages.  Don’t get me wrong: the subconscious has a vast and brilliant intellect. However, it uses it based on what the conscious mind determines, whether by default or wrongful and conflicting input.

That’s the reason Mind Mastery© is so important, and why we must consciously accept responsibility for what our subconscious does with information.  We don’t need to be subject to or victims of the paradoxes, we can consciously see them for what they are, and use our conscious powers of deduction to make sensible determinations. Facts and truths are not one and the same,  that’s another paradox, unless you think that one through carefully.

The subconscious leaves it up to the conscious mind so much more of what we do and don’t do than most people realize:  Other than what has become an automatic behavior or a conditioned response or thought process, it relies on the conscious mind to decide what is fact and fiction, what to act or not act on. Even though the subconscious often knows better,  it is subservient to your conscious mind because the conscious mind is the boss; subconscious has to act on the will of your conscious for better or worse.

While hypnosis gives the practitioner or the individual in self-hypnosis access to all subconscious resources and helps it choose which concepts and information etc. to trust and act upon, the conscious mind when not in hypnosis all to often contradicts its own directions. While in the so-called every day awake state, the conscious mind constantly gives mixed messages; that is why I teach my clients how to support the hypnotic process, because unless people are trained how to be consistent and effective in their communications, to  understand their relationship with their subconscious and accept  conscious responsibility, and learns the language of the subconscious, they cannot  appropriately communicate directives.  Therefore actually promoting paradoxical  behaviors and emotions. This is what causes conflict and frustration.

With the help of the conscious mind the subconscious can develop new ideas and associations with stored knowledge and experience, thus making change possible. So with knowledge of how our minds work  we can make the paradox work for us in our internal spaces, and therefore be more coherent and congruent in our actions: And be more in control in our external world.

I want to make a most important point here that the subconscious is not a mere tape recording, and with all due respect to Bruce Lipton and others who claim to know it the subconscious, the subconscious isn’t a mechanical  tape recorder that we can simply delete from and re-record what we will:  that is paradoxical thinking  because to claim to have expert knowledge about the subconscious without realizing it is much more than that  is like saying the world is flat when we know full well that it is not.   Those who think of the subconscious as a  simple recording device  have obviously not explored it thoroughly, spoken with it and worked with it as I have, and how I have taught my clients to. I find myself rather upset when these well-respected and well-known people make such ridicules assumptions about the subconscious and profit from their inaccurate notions.  That’s an oxymoron: someone considered to be expert who expounds false notions rather than facts.

Yes, the subconscious ways of processing is complex, and yes, paradoxical in nature. It does record just about everything, and stores it, however, what it does with it is based on more factors than I could possibly include in this blog. The subconscious is everything there is about you, past present and future, physically mentally and emotionally, it  knows all your whys and wherefores,  it is your wise and wonderful aid and accomplice in life, and more.

Don’t let paradox, oxymoron and dichotomy in your outer world confound you. Don’t brush then off, or fall prey to them. And understand the nature of your own mind so you can be more appropriately, consciously  self-determining and use your wonderful paradoxically oriented  subconscious to help you to be all you aspire to.