The old saying that the mind is willing but the flesh is weak is one I’ve heard said many times, haven’t you? We have also heard it said that the spirit is willing but the mind is weak. These phrases speak to the general lack of understanding of the mind body relationship and how our spirits tend to coach us towards our wellness and well being while our minds often have not been guided in the right ways to achieve that.

When I titled my book, The Mind Is Willing I was obviously addressing the fact that the human mind, your mind, is always willing and able to make changes, to help you heal physically mentally and emotionally, to adjust and adapt, providing of course it is approached with the right methods and help to do so. The book teaches you just how to achieve positive conscious control for your own willing mind.

What I said 55 years ago was thought to be ridiculous. Now with more and more scientific proof that our minds can not only change our brains, even our DNA, its a shame that more people do not know just how to employ them to achieve complete wellness physically mentally and emotionally. All too many rely solely on sources outside of themselves for achieving health. For no matter how brilliant medical science is, no matter how many advances we make in our understanding of nutrition and medicine, even neuro-science and psychology, none of it alone is going to free us from what ails us physically mentally and emotionally unless, to use the modern vernacular, we are all in with our responsibility to effectively employ the natural resources of our minds. And even more importantly, to understand the relationship between the conscious and subconscious; for therein lies our true powers to achieve holistic wellness and actualize our potential.

I do not forget, nor should any of us, that it is the spirit in human inspiration and the power of the mind that has directed and enabled the great and wonderful discoveries of science and medicine. Many inventions and innovations that have moved us forward in all aspects of our lives have come through subconscious to consciousness in dreams and other ways to reveal natures methodologies, and solve its mysteries, therefore incite positive changes and improvements in standards of living and our understanding of ourselves and our bodies.

In my nearly 40 years of clinical practice and fifty plus years of teaching Mind Mastery, I have learned that without employing the conscious and subconscious working as a team and in harmony with whatever medical and psychological maneuvers are employed, they seldom if ever fully heal people. The proof is that is that so many who have come to me for help have been in psychotherapy, psychiatry, AA, had surgeries and treatments for just about every human ailment, have done all the things they were told would make them whole, and were still struggling with addictions, pain, PSTD, phobias, etc. negative behaviors and poor coping mechanisms and health issues, taking drugs and experiencing the side effects, and were emotionally unwell and often very miserable.

Once they learned of the power of the mind, their own minds, and began to employ them to be in control for themselves in positive ways, there was and is always a wonderful sense of just having awakened from a bad dream to a new and better life. They experience revival of natural motivation, their spirits soar, they are enlightened and encouraged by their own subconscious’s willingness to work with them to achieve any goal they commit to. Yes, its a process of unlearning, and relearning at the same time, which requires patience while practicing using the skills I teach until they become part if your nature. Its is an exciting journey that is full of self awareness and gives a true a sense of your personal power.

My students say its amazing!

As for myself, I am never amazed at what people can achieve, I am always in awe, though. How can anyone who witnesses what some refer to as miracles not be awestruck? How can we not wonder about what seems to be incredible? To the naive or ignorant observer these outcomes appear to have some mystical explanation. Explanations often include God’s intervention and/or answers to prayers. One cannot exclude that possibility. Indeed it often defies full and satisfying explanations to those who have attempted to employ science to understand the phenomenon of self healing. The fact that it is not only possible but predictable cannot be argued.

Always remember, your mind is willing, and employing it well will put a freshened spirit back into your consciousnesses. Enjoy!

I look forward to reading your comments.

TTFN from Elaine

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