I wish you and yours fulfillment of all of your hopes and dreams, safe travels, good health and prosperity, not just during the holiday season, always. Yet I know all too well that if wishing would make it so, there would be peace on earth and good will among all the people, everyone would be in good health and there would be no poverty, right?

But alas, we have to acknowledge that so many terrible things could also happen if all wishes were granted by the powers that be, because people don’t always wish for the good of others. When angry, upset, full of rage or hate, people wish others harm. Have you ever wished ill of anyone? It’s not unnatural, when hurt or even frustrated people can vent the most venomous thoughts in the form of a wish. For example, I once heard someone say out loud, with fervency, “I wish he would just drop dead.” So it’s a good thing that all wishes don’t come true. Right again?

Just knowing others care enough to make a good wish for us can warm our hearts. And when, if even for just one moment, you fill your mind and heart with good will, it’s good for you too.

But its not only this time of year that the higher qualities of the human spirit come through….for the intention to do good for others is in action every day by so many among us; yet many who do charitable deeds don’t lift a finger or spend a penny. Their charity is expressed through employing their minds and the incredibly powerful nature of positive intention and intently focused conscious attention.

I think without their loving caring mentation the world would be in even more terrible shape and those who inhabit it even worse off. For they pray; they send positive and healing energy out to those who need it. And it works wonders. Science has proven that just the intention to heal and help has powerful positive effects. And the power of prayer has been scientifically proven again and again. You or someone you know has probably been helped through prayer or other psychic healing methods.

Yet it is also true that the vast majority of people have all too often tended to neglect, ignore or failed to recognize and/or employ those innate human faculties through which human beings can aid each other, and even their heal their pets. Many healers have employed this power to cure horses and other animals of various ills.

Charity of more prolific this time of year. However, herein I’m not referring to charity expressed with money or helping others through physical action. I am referring to those forms of giving that cannot be seen in the physical world, although their effects are certainly felt by those on the receiving end. Those who give of their time to pray and send healing energy are seldom given recognition. Not that they seek or ask for it. They often work in private, or in small groups without any fanfare. So I’d like to give credit to them here and now, say “Thank you,” to them, and make their endeavors and their remarkable results better known; and encourage you to ( in case you haven’t so far) employ your own innate ability to use the powers of your mind and spirit to send healing or pray for those in need. For you can indeed make a difference.

This isn’t merely wishing or hoping. I call hoping a religious form of wishing: Although I concede that often hoping and praying combine in many cases, thus the phrase often used, “I hope and pray for…” Yet we tend to hope and pray only when we feel helpless and are reaching out to God or angels or other non human sources for divine intervention. Yet we are not powerless beings at the whim and mercy of unknown forces. We have been given wonderful innate powers of our own and have the reasonability to employ them for our own good and the good of others.

Visualizing healing energies flowing into a person or simply praying for them is employing the nature of positive mind generated energy, directing it in specific ways for specific outcomes.

If you have any doubts as to the efficacy of such endeavors, there are plenty of books and articles available on the subject of energy transfer, healing touch and techniques like Reiki and non physical methods that don’t require traditional medicine to bring about cures for many ills.

Hereto hypnosis, that is hypnosis induced by professional is a wonderfully effective method to promote healing through suggestion and visualization. I’ve worked with people with all kinds of illness to guide them to use their own powers to heal themselves; the remarkable powers of mind are demonstrated in remissions of cancer and other life threatening illness. I cured myself from a prognosis of six months ( I was told if I was lucky), more than 50 years ago, and two years ago helped my daughter to be cancer free after a diagnosis of stage two colon cancer, with no medical intervention of any kind for myself or for her. And using self hypnosis, which anyone can learn to do (Self Hypnosis Training Course) is an ideal modality to concentrate, as one would with meditation to heal one’s self, or send healing to someone else. Hypnosis enables the conscious and subconscious to work in harmony for all of our endeavors. It’s good for both healer and healee; for when we heal others we inevitably heal ourselves.

Now I want to share with you heart warming instances wherein people have employed their minds, hearts and spirits; their connection with the divine and with each other to bring about healing. These true and documented stories will not only lift your sprits, they will, I trust, remind you of your own powers to heal and help without ever having to go any further than your own private inner space.

It is true we are all healers, we can all give comfort. Yes, by a gentle touch, an encouraging word, an offer of emotional support. Any expression of compassion and caring can be therapeutic. I have taught countless people how to focus and do what is often referred to as psychic or distance healing. It doesn’t require a special gift, only the intention to help and heal. It doesn’t take a lot of time, merely visualizing a sick person becoming well, or easing their pain, sending soothing healing energy flowing into them. And of course, anyone can pray; and as I’ve said, science has also proven the power of prayer, and just knowing prayers are being said for a person often has immense power to comfort that individual.

And you need to know you have the power to heal and comfort yourself, that knowledge can take away the helpless feeling that people experience when given a disturbing diagnosis that exacerbates the stress of illness. Self healing is one of the things I always teach my clients through our work together in Whole Mind Hypnotherapy and Mind Mastery.

I hope you will learn more about the mind body relationship; lesson one is that in many ways your body is like a mirror of your mind, (proven with biofeedback) and that you can make that fact work for you with the right techniques to employ the awesome power of your subconscious. It’s also important that you know how to support your endeavors to heal with the power of your conscious mind rather than allow doubt or negative thoughts and fears interfere with the process. . It’s just one of the things I teach in Mind Mastery

Here is just one case in which the human spirit has brought about what might be considered amazing, yet not uncommon outcomes.

Joan, of Oswego Oregon reports two cases:

Case one:

While in school, my brother was electrocuted while working on an electrical project. Evidently, he had picked up a piece of electrical equipment that had been lying on the ground and had a frayed electrical cord that was wet. Another worker tried to pull it out of my brother’s hands, but started to get electrocuted, too. Fortunately, he was able to let go… Another person came along and was able to release my brother. By that time, my brother had been unconscious for over five minutes. (His tongue and mouth were black, and I understand that the pupils of his eyes were white.) My brother went to visit doctors and was sent to specialists. He was told that he had brain damage and that he would always have heart problems, as well.
My mother, our family, friends, Carmelite nuns and other people started praying for my brother. When he went back to see the specialists, they found no sign of his ever having brain or heart injuries! Further, my brother went on to get his masters degree, and was able to surf, workout, become a 3rd degree black belt in karate, ski, etc. – These were all things that the doctors thought were not possible due to his injuries and his having been unconscious for such a long time.

Case two:

My friend Bill had surgery to open a plugged carotid artery. The doctor he had chosen had been honored as a top surgeon in his area of expertise. This doctor performed the surgery on Bill. A week after surgery I took Bill home from the hospital. Another week later, while a daughter was visiting with him, he told her that he had to get to the hospital. His daughter called another daughter and myself to meet them there. Upon arriving at the hospital, a doctor came right in to see him and asked him is name. It had only been about an hour since Bill felt something wrong, but now he could only try to say his name. He couldn’t even say it. It was scary to hear him try… (The surgery had been a total failure. Evidently, the side of the carotid artery near the brain had not been properly closed off and one or more blood clots had gone to his brain and caused the stroke(s).)
I prayed over him, with a daughter on each side of him. When the prayers were finished, Bill began to talk just as if nothing had happened. Wow!!!
I have witnessed healings that result from consciously concentrating on healing energy flowing into someone who is ill, so many cases that I’ve lost count. Some stand out in my mind, for various reasons, and have been well documented. In fact many years ago my husband Don and I, along with my post graduate ESP students did a lot of research on healing. With the aid of biofeedback we were able to observe the correlations between healer and subject while the students were sending her healing energy. We used an EEG machine to monitor brain wave frequencies, heart rate monitors, GSR, plethesmagraph, and thermograph, heart rate monitor, EMG etc. to monitor both the subject and healer before and then while the healing was ongoing. It’s interesting to note that their bio physiological readings, which were different at the start, came together to identical levels demonstrated on the biofeedback machines. Three weeks into the process, our subject, a young woman, excitedly reported that the large cancerous tumor on her breast had completely disappeared. Her oncologist had told her not to expect any changes for several months of chemo therapy.

Among the many methods we used to verify changes in energy of both healer and subject, we used Kirilan and Schelering photography. In one case a young man who volunteered for the psychic healing experiment had advanced Hotchkins disease; his prognosis was poor. He was in a weakened state and had barely enough energy to make it to his appointments. We took Kirlian photographs the first time before I did a 15 minute psychic healing on him (I sat next to him, but did not touch him), and then immediately afterwards. The prints photos indicated a remarkable change in the amount and intensity of energy emitted from his hands (Pictures shown below). And he reported feeling great, more energy and was much more comfortable. His color was healthier; and his doctors noted positive changes too, but continued to treat him via traditional modalities. The pictures were not altered or retouched , and this was long before photo shopping was invented.

Below before the 15 minute healing session.

Below shows the difference after 15 minutes of psychic healing

As the holiday season comes upon us, we are reminded how important it is to appreciate the best in human nature, to focus on it and express it in every way we know how. A good and worthy resolution that would be easy to keep is to focus on that beautiful aspect of our humanness all year through, and to employ it in our daily lives. It’s another way to be grateful, and we are all familiar with the fact that gratitude has positive effect on us and our lives.

You have enormous power within you to not only heal and comfort yourself through concentration of healing energies flowing within you, the same ability to focus energy like a laser beam to heal others too.

So here’s how.

Sit in a quiet place, get comfortable, relax, and focus on the person you intend to heal. Visualize healing energy flowing into the person’s body. You can concentrate the healing energy on the part of the body where it’s needed most. Or imagine that person immersed in healing energy. Imagine the energy being the person’s favorite color, or simply a clear invisible but powerful energy flowing into the person’s body: Or even into their mind if the person is emotionally or mentally disturbed or upset. Allow at least fifteen minutes if you can. If your mind wanders off, gently bring it back and re focus. Even five minutes here and there throughout the day, or just before you fall asleep at night can produce satisfying results. You don’t have to tell the subject what you are doing. When I did healings experimentally, and for research purposes, to avoid the so called placebo effect (which are fundamentally the powers of suggestion, which we all know about), I did not inform the subject of my mission; I made notes of the healing sessions, time and dates and kept track of the subject’s responses.

However, you can tell the person of your intentions, if you like. Who cares if it’s simply the powers of suggestion working? Although you will know you are contributing to the healing process in more ways than one.

So, wishing people well, hoping for their good fortune, health wealth and happiness is nice, though it isn’t enough, nor is wishing things for your self, unfortunately. However, giving of your mind space, psychic energy and time does indeed bring about results. Not in the same way as a fairy with a wave of a magic wand or wizard would perform with spell, but results that are often called, amazing.

Right now all I can do is wish happy fulfilling holidays to all my readers, and as you look forward to the 2014 and are making your resolutions, I can also only hope you will resolve to get in touch with all of your inner resources and learn how to access and employ them to make your wishes come true.

TTFN and all the best, from Elaine