Do cell phones cause cancer?

The fact that we are all exposed to EMF radiation from the devices we use has caused deep concern for many consumers and researchers alike. Some people still doubt the dangers. However the facts have recently been revealed as a result of an internationally conducted clinical trial to test the effects of EMF radiation. The study was conducted over a long period of time within a huge population; it analyzed the extended use of cell phones and proved that for only ten minutes a day there is an increased occurrence of brain cancer by three to five times! Other studies in Kiev, and those published by Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine produced the same disturbing results. EMF radiation does cause cancer.

We can choose organic and non GMO foods, but how do we protect ourselves from radiation? The US Navy devised ways as far back as the 60’s when they reported seeing declining health in their submarine sailors; problems included lack of energy and focus, severe headaches and suppressed immune responses. They concluded that it was due to electronic EMF Radiation.

It was classified as Video Operators Distress Syndrome (VODS) buy the CDC. The solution they invented was to place Negative Ion Generators on board that inundated air space with negative ions, and they are still in use today. READ FULL ARTICLE…