Dr. Elaine Kissel - Hypnotherapist in Arizona and Michigan, shares how hypnotherapy can help with relationship issues.

Hypnotherapy is a much more comfortable solution for relationship issues than couples’ therapy, self-help books, or worse: divorce. Studies have shown hypnotherapy has produced positive success with struggling couples, friends, and even co-workers. We all have to deal with people in our daily lives, whether at work, home, or visiting family, and issues are likely to arise. Dr. Elaine Kissel explains how hypnotherapy can be the solution to even the most troubling relationship.


Relationship issues are painful

Trying to solve issues yourselves can bring up a painful past and hurtful honesty for all involved. Set up an evaluation with Dr. Elaine Kissel so that she may explain how she can guide your relationship into a positive direction.


Individuals anticipate a certain level of happiness

It’s difficult to enjoy life when relationships are struggling. Disappointments take the place of expectations, and resolutions become more elusive. If you find yourself saying, “We just don’t get along anymore,” or “He won’t listen to me,” or even  “She’s too demanding of me,” then your relationship is crying for help. Dr. Elaine Kissel can help you heal from the pains of the past, while developing trust and understanding.

Relationship improvement

Hypnotherapy is a unique experience using hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and Mind Mastery techniques. Hypnotherapy helps to reveal aspects of a relationship which developed from patterns of needs, wishes, and expectations of each person. Therefore, resolution is possible with the right approach and guidance.


Dr. Elaine Kissel can evaluate couples and family members for a Whole Mind Hypnotherapy session that can improve your relationships. If your relationships are struggling, it may be time to seek help from a professional hypnotherapist. Even if you think you’ve “tried it all,” hypnotherapy could be the solution to your relationship problems. For hypnotherapy treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. Elaine Kissel today at 248-595-1010.