Kissel Hypnosis can help you deal with phobias and fears through hypnosis in Arizona and Michigan.

Are you worn out trying to understand or cope with irrational fears and phobias? For those of you with irrational fears, you understand. You understand that sometimes we can’t pinpoint exactly what terrifies us or leaves us with unrelenting anxiety. Sometimes we can’t explain why a fear has taken hold of us or where it comes from. Phobias and irrational fears are not simple. Dr. Elaine Kissel, offering hypnotherapy in Arizona and Michigan, understands what you’re going through.


Phobic Reaction

One random thought can send someone with irrational fears spiraling out of control only to be utterly consumed with dread and foreboding. One random thought, one spider, one hillside road without a guardrail, one small room, one mild illness can trigger a debilitating, often paralyzing, irrational fear or phobia.


Identify the Cause

The expression, ‘irrational fear’ seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Fear should have a reason. If we know that something can’t hurt us, how is it possible to be afraid? And yet we are. Irrational fear is irrational but that doesn’t negate the fact that it is real to every sufferer.


Adult phobias and irrational fears can be literally anything from the sublime to the ridiculous except they are not at all ridiculous to someone being tormented by them; to someone whose job or family are in near ruins because of unresolved fears that may be permeating nearly every aspect of life.


Have you had well-meaning friends or family respond to your confession of fear with, ‘think happy thoughts’, ‘try going for a walk’, ‘have you considered a hobby’, or ‘exercise may help’? Do you walk away thinking how will anyone ever understand?


Irrational fears can be overcome. If you have suffered long enough from phobias and irrational fears, Dr. Elaine Kissel  wants to help. To schedule an appointment for an evaluation, call 248-595-1010 today.