Kissel Hypnosis offers hypnotherapy treatment for OCD and other behavior disorders in Arizona and Michigan.

Are you tormented by the demands of an obsessive compulsive disorder? Is your mind overcome with the irony of bondage to rituals in order to get any peace of mind? If OCD is controlling your life, Dr. Elaine Kissel – Hypnotherapist is able to help struggling patients in Arizona and Michigan.


It’s common knowledge that those who have never experienced the rituals required by OCD find it very difficult to understand how one could be compelled to behave in such a fashion. After all, ‘Just say no’ seems simple enough. ‘No’ to washing your hands for the seventh time in an hour, ‘No’ to repetitive counting, ‘No’ to walking a prescribed number of steps. ‘No’ to a puzzling ritual that they can’t understand and neither can you.


What is it?

Generally, obsessive-compulsive behavior involves incessant, obtrusive, worrisome thoughts about a thing and the development of specific ritualistic behaviors designed to eliminate those incessant thoughts. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Sadly, it is.



And contrary to common belief, irrational thoughts don’t respond well to rational explanations so telling someone suffering from OCD that the arrangement of the cupboard’s contents (for example) bears no relationship to their safety is of no value. The sense of danger is so much more powerful than truth that the sufferer is compelled to organize it for their own protection. Why? To – at least for the time being – relieve the anxiety. Choice is no longer a factor. They are compelled to respond.



But there is a real help. You don’t have to suffer any longer. Reprogramming your brain to maintain a state of calm in a situation that formerly drove your OCD is possible. You really can disassociate that former trigger from the automatic behavior and replace it with a new, rational response.


Don’t continue to suffer. Dr. Elaine Kissel can help  to retrain your brain’s response to triggers safely and easily, and can help you become more and more detached from intrusive thoughts. To schedule an appointment, call us at 248-595-1010.