Dr. Elaine Kissel - Hypnotherapist offers hypnotherapy for addiction treatment in Arizona and Michigan.

If you are struggling with an addiction, hypnotherapy may be your answer! Whether it be opioids, food, or any other addiction, hypnotherapy has improved many patients’ lives. Dr. Elaine Kissel  offers some information about how hypnosis can help you beat your addiction.


Proven results

Since addiction is mainly a mental health concern, hypnosis is especially effective. Studies on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy have revealed astounding results.


Ease your withdrawal

Hypnotherapy is also useful for reducing withdrawal symptoms, beating cravings, and decreasing pain. It can adjust addictive behaviors so your subconscious isn’t your enemy. It’s much easier to curb an addiction when it’s less painful.


Stronger emotional health

Hypnotherapy can help you stay focused in rehab and prevent co-disorders from forming. Your overall emotional health will improve and help you fight your addiction. Imagine the confidence you will gain from taking your life back!


With so many benefits, hypnotherapy is definitely worth a try! To schedule an evaluation appointment, contact Dr. Elaine Kissel at 248-595-1010.