Kissel Hypnosis, one of the country's most successful hypnotherapy practices now offers hypnotherapy in Arizona and Michigan.Renowned hypnotherapist Dr. Elaine Kissel, Ph.D. has been practicing since 1977. Dr. Kissel is long-recognized as having one of the country’s most successful hypnotherapy practices and now makes the sought-after services of Dr. Elaine Kissel – Hypnotherapist available to Arizona and Michigan locals and visitors alike.


After more than 40 years, the doctor’s reputation for innovation and originality has reached far and wide; a feat in and of itself considering that hypnosis is not without its popular but highly erroneous reputation as entertainment or quackery. To that end, Dr. Kissel has zealously educated both the media and private sector to successfully overcome popular myth and replace it with the facts about hypnosis and the nature of her practices.


​London, England born, raised and primarily educated, Dr. Kissel studied psychology, para-psychology and hypnosis for many years before she was trained as a hypnotherapist by hypno-psychoanalyst Carolyn Sall, M.D.

  • In 1978, Dr. Kissel’s work earned her the coveted Hypnologist of the Year Award, presented by the American Association of Professional Hypnologists for her innovations and contributions to the art and science of hypnosis.


  • Her scientific study showing that blood sugar could be controlled with hypnosis contributed significantly to the emerging body of knowledge about the potential of hypnosis to treat mainstream health problems.


  • Her book The Mind Is Willing, based on her Mind Mastery course, and a companion to the course, chronicles her own journey from near death to health without any medical help, and inspires as well as teaches people to take charge of their own lives.


After more than 45 years of private practice, Dr. Kissel continues to help people make positive changes, develop control for themselves, and overcome problems including weight control, depression, addictions, phobias, PTSD, and anxiety. To all of these she has explored the deeper reasons for persistent behavioral, emotional and health problems and how hypnosis can address them. She also continues to create cutting-edge programs for individuals and businesses who wish to grow and excel in their personal and professional lives. She has produced a variety of self-help products and offers courses in hypnotherapy to qualified individuals who wish to progress from the standardized training given elsewhere.


Dr. Kissel’s mission has always been to help people in the most natural, safe, and cost-effective way. The success of her clients is her primary concern and she makes a serious commitment to that goal by providing the kind of hypnotherapy best suited to each individual client. For more information about hypnotherapy, and to learn how Dr. Elaine Kissel can help you, call 248-595-1010.