So many of my blog readers have asked for my help to overcome the painful impact of embarrassment.

It has happened over and over and probably will continue to happen; life seems to need to include those experiences as some form of…well, I’m not quite sure. Yes, we are to learn and grow from experience, even from pain and suffering: Of course it is truly up to us to choose that as a way of becoming our better and strongest selves. Perhaps it is simply life’s way of reminding us of our humanness and that perfection isn’t possible no matter how hard we try to achieve it. Yet what is it about embarrassment that seems to plague conscience, and cause people to feel it reveals a weakness and leaves them feeling vulnerable? Appearing foolish, inept or careless or silly all too often creates negative self consciousnesses, because we have drawn less than complimentary attention to ourselves. The fear of being judged or criticized is for many people is unnerving and self defacing.

Embarrassing Moments…being imperfect and Embarrassed Again are my blog posts about those happenings that ought to be relegated to irrelevant in the now; and those that have had serious negative psychological consequences for those who have experienced it in various forms. If you have not yet read those, do so, you will be glad you did.* They are two of the most read and most popular of all of my posts to date. What’s the reason? Embarrassment is all too difficult for all too many people to get over. If you are haunted by those experiences; so how do you get over it?

I have some good news.

I have created a therapeutic and profoundly relaxing recording to help you heal from embarrassment, and be better able to deal more appropriately and less stress-fully with those inevitable human experiences that come under the heading of embarrassment. I just released it and it is available from my on line store. Some people have already taken advantage of it. Below are just a few of the comments from those who have listened to the recording.

“WOW! Ah…mmmm…so relaxing and so helpful. I can truly laugh now when I look back at those times. Thank you Elaine.”

– Janis D. Redford, Mi.

“This has made so much difference for me. I am, as you promised, healed from the pain of embarrassment. I don’t get uptight now when I remember those times. I appreciate how you enabled that too. Right on! Such a relaxing experience too. Thanks.”

– Don P. Nyse, NY.

“Dr. Kissel, this is another one of your brilliant creations, so effective I’m recommending it to everyone I know. Because you are right, we all have had embarrassing moments and need to get over them. Now I have. Keep up the good work.”

– Mike L. Dearborn, Mi.

You can order it from my web site

The introductory price only $19.95

ending July 30th /2016. Reg. Price 24.95.

And while you are visiting the store, check out the other exciting products I’ve created that enlighten and empower you, and can make such a wonderful difference in your life. While you are there, explore deeper into my site and discover how I can help you make permanent positive changes and help you heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Be sure to click on FAQs so you can learn what hypnosis is and what it isn’t; get the facts versus the fictions, and more. There’s my audio lecture there too that will inform you about hypnosis in an interesting and entertaining way.

All the best, always, from

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